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  • 101 Arena Exercises for Horse & Rider

    101 Arena Exercises for Horse & Rider BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Spiral Bound Best-selling author Cherry Hill presents classic exercises and original patterns and drills in a unique "read-and-ride" format -- this book can be hung like a calendar or draped over a rail for quick and easy reference in the ring. With exercises such as working walk, canter, two squares, half halt, and flying changes, you'll develop your skills quickly and easily. Suitable for both English and Western riders. Plastic Comb: 224 pages Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC; Spi edition (January 9, 1995) Language: English

  • 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider

    101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Spiral Bound 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider, presented in Storey’s highly visual “Read & Ride” format, features a full arena diagram and stepby- step instructions for each exercise. The exercises address all levels of riders, starting with the basics and moving up to maneuvers developed by members of the U.S. Olympic team. Training tips and masterly guidance make this an indispensable reference for all dressage riders. Even Western riders interested in enhancing their performance will find these foundational exercises useful. Plastic Comb: 240 pages Publisher: Storey Publishing (July 1, 2005) Language: English

  • 101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler

    101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Spiral Bound Ground training is the key to safe, successful riding and a strong bond between horse and rider. In 101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler, best-selling equestrian author Cherry Hill offers a comprehensive series of exercises that cover every aspect of ground training, from haltering to driving, from turning to transitions, from backing to body languages. The book is appropriate for work with horses of every age and breed, and it features a pre-cut hole placed so that the book can be hung in the barn or on a fence post, allowing for easy reference during training. With this book in hand, riders of all disciplines and levels can help their horses become responsive companions that are a pleasure to ride.Spiral-bound: 256 pages Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC; Spi edition (May 8, 2012) Language: English. KINDLE EDITION Available.

  • 150 Years of Racing in Saratoga

    150 Years of Racing in Saratoga BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover Since the inaugural meeting was held in August 1863, Saratoga Springs has been the scene of memorable races, often featuring legends of the sport. Although some of the epic moments are still familiar today, such as Upset's defeat of Man o' War in the 1919 Sanford Memorial, many of the triumphs and defeats that were once famous have been forgotten. Few remember the filly Los Angeles, who thrived at Saratoga, winning sixteen stakes races, or the reasons why the track was closed three times for a total of six years. Authors Allan Carter and Mike Kane take a look back at these and other important but neglected stories and present statistics from the pre-NYRA years and a rundown of the greatest fields assembled at America's oldest track. Paperback: 144 pages Publisher: The History Press (June 4, 2013) Language: English. KINDLE EDITION Available.

  • 55 Corrective Exercises for Horses

    55 Corrective Exercises for Horses BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover by Jec Aristotle Ballou (Author) - Over time, horses (like people) acquire postural habits, compensate for soreness and injury, and develop poor movement patterns. This limits performance ability, causes unsoundness and health issues, and ultimately undermines the horse's overall well–being. Jec Aristotle Ballou has made a name for herself advocating for the horse and providing sensible instruction in his schooling, conditioning, and care. In her latest collection of mounted and unmounted corrective exercises, Ballou demonstrates how we can actively work to improve the horse's posture and movement, whether he is an active performance or pleasure mount, an aging or older horse that benefits from gentle exercise, or one being rehabilitated following injury, illness, or lack of conditioning.Applicable for all disciplines, this is an integral collection that optimizes how the horse uses his body and helps ensure he stays sounder and healthier for more years of his life. Hardcover: 184 pages; Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books; 1 edition (June 5, 2018)

  • A Decade of Champions

    A Decade of Champions BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover by Richard Stone Reeves (Author), Patrick Robinson (Author). Just the sound of their names, makes your hair stand on end, and your heart beat faster. Bold Ruler, the sire of so many greats. Secretariat, can anyone ever forget his thirty one length win in the Belmont, making him the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years. Ruffian, the magnificent filly who came to grief in the fateful match race against Foolish Pleasure . The names go on Alleged, Spectacular Bid, Every page has a story to tell of these champions of the track This is the book of all books for the thoroughbred lover. None can compare. Hardcover: 191 pages Publisher: Oxmoor House; First Edition edition (July 1980) Language: English.

  • A Filly Called Easter

    A Filly Called Easter BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover The golden palomino standing before her with soft brown eyes and a silver mane and tail was drop dead gorgeous… and much too young to be that pregnant! What was a filly like her doing at a slaughter house auction? Would her father let Linda take her home? Times were hard. Could they afford the vet bills for the filly and her unborn foal? There were bound to be many. Find the answer to these questions in this amazing Hallmark style story about love at first sight and the girl who just wouldn’t give up on the filly called Easter, especially when Mother Nature enters into the fray. Inspired by a true story. This is the third and last book revolving around the characters introduced in One Frosty Christmas. In saying this, all books are designed as stand-alone. It is an ageless classic suitable for readers from 7 to 98.Paperback : 132 pages. Publisher : Running L. Productions (March 30, 2005) See an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • A Man Walks Into a Barn: Navigating Fatherhood in the Flawed and Fascinating World of Horses

    A Man Walks Into a Barn:Navigating Fatherhood in the Flawed and Fascinating World of Horses BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback “Books about fathers and sons are fairly common, books about fathers and their daughters somewhat less so. A book about a father, three daughters, several horses, social demographics, and the teaching and practice of both law and riding must surely belong to a genre of one. Chad Oldfather is a professor at Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee and the father of three horse-crazy girls (now grown) A Man Walks Into a Barn by Chad Oldfather is his witty, often wistful take on parenting, pedagogy, and life lessons learned while navigating the insular and expensive world of horses and ‘horse people.’” — The Wall Street Journal Paperback ‏ : ‎ 336 pages. Trafalgar Square Books (March 22, 2022)

  • Ainslie's New Complete Guide to Harness Racing

    Ainslie's New Complete Guide to Harness Racing BUY NOW on AMAZON Paperback | Hardcover America's foremost racing authority reveals everything the fan nees to know about pacers and trotters, trainers drivers tracks and selection methods.Though this guide was released in the late 1970's, this is the most important book written on Harness Racing. The book is well written and interesting, it is not an angles on gambling on races type of book. Instead it is an honest straight forward approach to attending Harness Racing and understanding the sport, its history and creating speed ratings from the racing program. Even regular attendees of the races can learn from this book, and enjoy the read as well. Paperback: 448 pages Publisher: Fireside (August 29, 1986) Language: English

  • Back Door Horse: Green Mountain Romance, Book 1

    Back Door Horse: Green Mountain Romance, Book 1 BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook For Imogen Grey, a born and bred Jersey Girl, Vermont may as well be a different world. When she travels to her aunt's mountain home to help her recover from injury on her small farm, she comes face to face with an escape artist masquerading as a performance horse, a quiet but steady veterinarian she simply chooses not to be attracted to, and a rekindled passion she left behind in childhood. Suddenly, Imogen is questioning everything she thought she wanted. The Green Mountains are calling, but is she listening?Paperback: ‎ 262 pages. Independently published (November 8, 2023) Read an excerpt from the book.

  • Barbara Livingston's Saratoga

    Barbara Livingston's Saratoga BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover Livingston's heart-felt images and words capture a Saratoga alive with history, tradition, and beauty. Hardcover Publisher: Eclipse Press (August 1, 2004)

  • Barrel Dreams

    Barrel Dreams BUY NOW on AMAZON Paperback by L. X. VanDamme (Author). A young girl fulfills an equestrian dream. Lana VanDamme wrote this book at age 11. This novel is about a young girl's pursuit of a dream - her desperate desire and determined conviction to own her own horse and compete successfully as a barrel racer. As such, is relatable to all dreamers, whatever your dream. It is particularly suited to pre-adolescent and adolescent girls, who will find in it a happy world in which life is exciting and goals are achievable. The novel has a conventional plot - to be expected from an 11-year-old. But the writing is shockingly mature. Lana has the ability to give her scenes a palpable, riveting reality. Both the simplest and the most dramatic moments, from sipping hot chocolate to riding in a competition, are written such that the reader *feels*, and personally enjoys, the experience. Paperback: 350 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 14, 2012)

  • Barrel Racing 101: A Complete Program For Horse And Rider

    Barrel Racing 101: A Complete Program For Horse And Rider BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover Few equestrian sports are more exciting than barrel racing, in which horse and rider carve a lightning-fast cloverleaf pattern around three barrels, then gallop down to the finish line. Time is measured in hundredths of seconds, and winners receive substantial prize money and the admiration and respect of fellow competitors and spectators alike. As thrilling as barrel racing is to watch, doing it is even more fun, as thousands of people are discovering every year. To help them--and you--get started, champion racer and internationally respected instructor and clinician Marlene McRae shares her program that has taken hundreds of her students to success in the arena, as well as to becoming educated horsemen and-women. Hardcover: 240 pages Publisher: Lyons Press (July 1, 2006)

  • Believing in Horses

    Believing in Horses BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Author: Valerie Ormond. After her family moves to Maryland and her dad deploys to Afghanistan, Sadie gets a new young horse named Lucky who proves to be a handful—but all of that is just the beginning of the trouble in this young adult novel. Together, Sadie and Lucky encounter horse thieves, Maryland storms, and unwanted horses destined for auction and uncertain futures. Sadie makes it her personal mission to save these animals, meeting fellow people dedicated to rescuing horses along the way, while learning that others are driven only by greed. Age Range: 12 and up, Grade Level: 7 - 9, Paperback: 195 pages, Publisher: JB Max Publishing; 1 edition (May 29, 2012) Language: English

  • Believing in Horses, Too

    Believing in Horses, Too BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Author: Valerie Ormond. In this highly-anticipated sequel to Believing In Horses, strong-willed protagonist Sadie Navarro faces new challenges with both horses and people. Filled with action, intrigue, and heart, this young adult novel delivers an unforgettable story about the power of finding strength through experience and reflection. Sensitive, thoughtful, relevant, and moving, Believing In Horses, Too is award-winning-author Valerie Ormond’s second insightful book exploring military family life and challenges faced by many of today’s youth. Age Range: 9 - 12 and up, Grade Level: 7 - 9, Paperback: 232 pages, Publisher: JB Max Publishing (April 7, 2014) Language: English

  • Belmont Park: A Century of Champions

    Belmont Park: A Century of Champions BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover by Richard Stone (Author), Richard Stone Reeves (Author), Edward L Bowen (Author). World-renowned equine artist Richard Stone Reeves celebrates the 100th anniversary of Belmont Park with portraits and essays of seventy champion racehorses. Hardcover: 200 pages Publisher: Eclipse Press (June 1, 2005)

  • Betting on Myself: Adventures of a Horseplayer and Publisher

    Betting on Myself: Adventures of a Horseplayer and Publisher BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover by Steven Crist (Author). Whether you're a casual fan tuning in to the Kentucky Derby or a dedicated horseplayer trying to turn a profit, says the author, racing and betting today are completely different than they were in the days of Seabiscuit and Secretariat. The author has been at the forefront of many of these changes and in this long-awaited memoir, he chronicles his unique adventures in racing journalism, politics, high finance and, closest to his heart, betting on horses. Hardcover: 288 pages Publisher: Daily Racing Form; 1St Edition edition (July 24, 2003)

  • Beyer on Speed: New Strategies for Racetrack Betting

    Beyer on Speed: New Strategies for Racetrack Betting BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover Andrew Beyer (Author). No serious horseplayer should be without Beyer on Speed, the third jewel in Andrew Beyer's literary triple crown. Beyer shows the handicapper how to make his Beyer Speed Figures the focal point of a wagering strategy for pursuing spectacular profits by relating speed figures to pace, track bias, and track conditions. He helps bettors utilize new opportunities for picking winners, such as video replays and a successfully structured multirace ticket, whether betting online, on the phone, or at the track. This invaluable book on wagering includes a new preface by the author, focusing on the role of simulcasting and the Internet in modern-day handicapping. Written in Beyer's entertaining, rapid-fire prose, Beyer on Speed is a must-read for every bettor, from the beginner to the most advanced player. Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: Mariner Books; Reprint edition (April 4, 2007) KINDLE EDITION Available.

  • Beyond Horse Massage: A Breakthrough Interactive Method

    Beyond Horse Massage: A Breakthrough Interactive Method BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover Beyond Horse Massage: A Breakthrough Interactive Method for Alleviating Soreness, Strain, and Tension by Jim Masterson (Author), Stefanie Reinhold (Contributor). Would you like to enable your horse to perform and feel better, to overcome old limitations and restrictions and reach its full potential? In this book, Jim Masterson, Equine Massage Therapist for the 2006 and 2008 and 2010 USET Endurance Teams, and for equine clientele competing in FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitions, teaches a unique method of equine bodywork, in which the practitioner recognizes and follows the responses of the horse to touch to release tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. This practical book: • has step-by-step instructions, photographs and illustrations • is ideally suited to accompany you to the barn, where you will practice the Masterson Method® techniques on horses. Hardcover: 205 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books; Spi edition (October 14, 2011). KINDLE EDITION Available.

  • Brain Training for Riders

    Brain Training for Riders: Unlock Your Riding Potential with StressLess Techniques for Conquering Fear, Improving Performance, and Finding Focused Calm BUY NOW on AMAZONKindle | Paperback By Andrea Monsarrat Waldo. Did you know there is an area of your brain known as the “Lizard Brain” that thinks only about the immediate moment and your means of survival? Yes, in certain circumstances, your “Rational Brain” can effectively “shut down” and you are at the mercy of a reptile... dry-mouthed, sweating, queasy, unable to think clearly—even though you know better. When does the Lizard Brain run the show? It can happen in any number of unfamiliar, uncomfortable, challenging, or “stressful” riding situations. But here’s the thing: with the right kind of training, you can learn to manage the reptile within, which leads to greater confidence with horses, better riding performance, and ultimately, happiness at the barn, at shows, and everywhere in between. Andrea Monsarrat Waldo teaches you how to: handle uncomfortable emotions, such as fear, anger, anxiety, and embarrassment; hone your mental game and focus your riding time to get the most out of your hours in the saddle; care for your emotional injuries the same way you would care for an injured horse; and produce a state of “Focused Calm” and tap into the skills you have (whether you know it or not!) to ensure an outstanding ride. Paperback: 224 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (November 15, 2016)

  • Bronc Man

    Bronc Man BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover by Paul Bagdon (Author). Cal Vesper is a bronc rider. He knows what it means to hold on tight and never give up--and that's exactly what he plans to do now. When the raiders swept into town, Cal was just getting to know Anna. By the time the raiders left, the town was in flames, Cal was left for dead...and they'd taken Anna with them. It took Cal a while to heal up enough to ride, but all that time he had only two goals in mind: Get Anna back...and kill as many of the raiders as he can. Paperback: 286 pages Publisher: AmazonEncore; Reprint edition (June 25, 2013).

  • Centered Riding

    Centered Riding BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover by Sally Swift (Author), Jean MacFarland (Illustrator), Mike Noble (Photographer), Edward E. Emerson (Preface). Widely known for her innovative teaching philosophy stressing body awareness, the value of "soft eyes," proper breathing, centering, and balance, Sally Swift has been a pioneering riding instructor for half a century. In book form for the first time, her methods enable horse and rider to achieve harmony, working together naturally, without pain.Series: A Trafalgar Square Farm Book Hardcover: 208 pages Publisher: St. Martin's Press; 1st edition (January 15, 1985)

  • Champions: America's Greatest Thoroughbreds

    Champions: America's Greatest Thoroughbreds BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover Champions: The Lives, Times, and Past Performances of America's Greatest Thoroughbreds by The Editors and Writers of Daily Racing Form (Author). Champions brings to life Thoroughbred royalty from past to present. This fabulous third edition features over 550 complete lifetime past performances of racing's elite, more than 135 rare photographs and illustrations, and a decade-by-decade recounting of Thoroughbred history by the sport's leading journalists. Whether Secretariat, Seabiscuit or Zenyatta, each and every Thoroughbred legend is represented in Daily Racing Form's unique and inimitable statistical format. This new coffee-table book is a must-have for every racing enthusiast. Hardcover: 480 pages Publisher: DRF Press; Third Edition edition (October 15, 2011)

  • Chosen by a Horse

    Chosen by a Horse BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover by Susan Richards (Author). The horse Susan Richards chose for rescue wouldn’t be corralled into her waiting trailer. Instead Lay Me Down, a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels, walked right up that ramp and into Susan’s life. This gentle creature—malnourished, plagued by pneumonia and an eye infection—had endured a rough road, but somehow her heart was still open and generous. It seemed fated that she would come into Susan’s paddock and teach her how to embrace the joys of life despite the dangers of living. An elegant and often heartbreaking tale filled with animal characters as complicated and lively as their human counterparts, this is an inspiring story of courage and hope and the ways in which all love—even an animal’s—has the power to heal. Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: Mariner Books; Reprint edition (June 4, 2007).

  • Classic Lines: Gallery of the Great Thoroughbreds

    Classic Lines: Gallery of the Great Thoroughbreds BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover by Richard Stone Reeves (Author), Patrick Robinson (Author). The brilliantly written text puts you in the stable with these horses, telling you about their little idiosyncrasies, like Hyperion's point-blank refusal to work, but he could run like the wind, and loved having his photograph taken. This is what grabs the heart of a true horse lover. I still tingle with excitement and get shivers down my spine, when I pick up this book and read the stories of these magnificent race horses. Hardcover: 180 pages Publisher: Michael Joseph Ltd; First Edition (so stated) edition (November 1975)

  • Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship

    Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship: Establishing Respect and Control for English and Western Riders - If you have seen his weekly television program, Downunder Horsemanship, then you know that Clinton Anderson's training techniques can achieve amazing results with almost any horse. Now his methods are available for the first time in a reader-friendly, highly illustrated book, and you, too, can learn the program that teaches "everyday people"—regardless of riding style, age, or ability—how to better communicate with their mounts. Hardcover: 206 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing; 1st edition (October 1, 2004) KINDLE EDITION Available.

  • Collection or Contortion?

    Collection or Contortion? BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Ten years ago, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann rocked the equestrian world with his international bestseller Tug of War, a searing indictment of modern training and riding techniques that are sometimes used to the detriment of the horse. Now Dr. Heuschmann returns with this follow-up book: a critical examination of two concepts—flexion and bend—that are necessary to understand in absolute terms when the goal is to achieve collection on horseback. Paperback: 112 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books; Translation edition (February 14, 2017) Language: English

  • Complete Equine Veterinary Manual

    Complete Equine Veterinary Manual BUY NOW on AMAZON Paperback | Hardcover Widely acknowledged as the best guide to veterinary care available to the horse owner today, "The Complete Equine Veterinary Manual" is now fully revised with up-to-the-minute advice on the latest defence against new threats to the horse's health. Correct diagnosis of any equine disease is a complicated business, but this comprehensive reference provides a thorough and instant guide to equine health, and shows clearly when expert help is required. Two cross-referenced routes present the information: an index of known equine diseases throughout the world, covering the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of each, and an alphabetical encyclopaedia of specific diseases. Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: David & Charles; Third Edition edition (October 30, 2009)

  • Confessions of a Timid Rider

    Confessions of a Timid Rider BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Confessions of a Timid Rider by Heather Wallace is a memoir detailing one woman's insights into being an anxiety-ridden but passionate equestrian. After returning to riding as a mother, she is determined to follow her dreams despite the fear she is somehow lacking in talent or ability. An in-depth look into the heart and head of a returning adult equestrian, and mother, this message is not limited only those with horse experience. In fact, Confessions of a Timid Rider is the perfect book to read for anyone whom even for a moment questions their value in their designated profession or life choice. This book will inspire you to pursue your dreams despite the inner voice that says you aren’t good enough. Paperback: 163 pages Publisher: Lulu (June 7, 2018) KINDLE EDITION AVAILABLE

  • Cowgirl Lessons

    Cowgirl Lessons BUY NOW on AMAZON Paperback Named Best Children's Book at the 2019 Equus Film and Arts Festival! For every kid who loves horses. Cowgirl Lessons is a charming story of a girl gathering her gear to head out to the farm and take her weekly riding lesson. From her exasperated mother digging her lost boot from her laundry mound to driving to the barn to see the horse she loves, this story paints the picture of one girl's devotion to horses. Cowgirl Lessons is inspired by a real girl, Duchess the horse, and all the little girls who took their first riding lessons on the sweetest horse ever. Paperback : 36 pages. Publisher : Publisher : Rankin Publishing; 1st edition (May 22, 2017) Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Crown Jewels of Thoroughbred Racing

    Crown Jewels of Thoroughbred Racing BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover by Richard Stone Reeves (Author). This book contains beautiful portraits of champions in the exotic settings of 24 racecourses around the world. In addition, 21 world-class turf writers paint word portraits of the racecourses they love. Mr. Reeves adds his comments for each of the paintings. Hardcover: 192 pages Publisher: Blood-Horse; First Edition edition (August 25, 1997)

  • Dick Francis's Refusal (Sid Halley)

    Dick Francis's Refusal (Sid Halley) BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover | Audiobook by Felix Francis (Author). Six years ago, private investigator Sid Halley retired. He’d been harassed, beaten, shot, even lost a hand—enough was enough. For the sake of his wife and new daughter, he gave up that life, and he thought nothing would ever lure him back into the game. He thought wrong. Sir Richard Stewart, chairman of the racing authority, begs Sid to investigate a series of dodgy races. Sid refuses. Then Sir Richard is found dead under suspicious circumstances. And then a man with an Irish accent contacts Sid, telling him to deliver a whitewashed report about the suspected race-fixing…or else. Series: Sid Halley (Book 5) Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages Publisher: Berkley (July 1, 2014).

  • Distant Skies: An American Journey on Horseback

    Distant Skies: An American Journey on Horseback BUY NOW on AMAZONKindle | Paperback Part American road trip, part coming-of-age adventure, and part uncommon love story—a remarkable memoir that explores the evolution of the human-animal relationship, along with the raw beauty of a life lived outdoors. Melissa Chapman was 23 years old and part of a happy, loving family, a decent job, a boyfriend and friends she enjoyed. Yet she said goodbye to all of it and rode away from everything, heading west. With no cell phone, no GPS, no support team or truck following with supplies, Chapman quickly learned that the reality of a cross-country horseback journey was quite different from the fantasy. Her solo adventure would immediately test her mental, physical, and emotional resources as she and her four-legged companions were forced to adapt to the dangers and loneliness of a trek that would span over 2,600 miles, beginning in New York State and reaching its end on the other side of the country, in California. Paperback : 224 pages. Publisher : Trafalgar Square Books (October 20, 2020) Read an excerpt from the book HERE.

  • Down to the Wire: The Lives of the Triple Crown Champions

    Down to the Wire: The Lives of the Triple Crown Champions BUY NOW on AMAZON Paperback | Hardcover by Robert L. Shoop (Author). Robert L. Shoop's writing takes the inside rail as he chronicles the horses, jockeys, trainers, and owners of the Kings of the Sport of Kings: The Triple Crown Champions. An historically accurate tome of speed and blood, skill and luck, triumph and tragedyspotlights the horses and the people who harnessed the will, skill, and spirit to run every race Down to the Wire. Chock full of details, this authoritative history carries forty-six rare photographs from private collections. With an attorney's meticulous research and the prose of a poet, Shoop reveals the agonies and the extacies of the legends of Thoroughbred racing. Foreward by Ron Turcotte, Introduction by Jean Cruguet. Hardcover: 360 pages Publisher: Russell Dean & Company; 1st edition (December 1, 2004)

  • Dressage Between the Jumps: The Secret to Improving Your Horse's Performance Over Fences

    Dressage Between the Jumps: The Secret to Improving Your Horse's Performance Over Fences BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover A compelling collection of focused flatwork exercises for improving jumping performance. Renowned author and mental training coach Jane Savoie breaks down the six most common problem areas she sees when horses jump. Then Savoie fills the rider’s toolbox with targeted exercises on the flat―simple solutions to the nagging problems that prevent riders and horses from doing their best over all kinds of obstacles, whether competing in hunters, jumpers, equitation, or eventing. Her excellent lessons gradually incorporate ground poles and low fences to build skills without stressing the horse’s body. Paperback : 192 pages. Publisher : Trafalgar Square Books (August 18, 2020) Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Dressage for No Country by Paul Belasik

    Dressage for No Country by Paul Belasik BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback In the 1970s, the sport of dressage was still in its infancy in the United States. Unlike the countries of Europe, there was neither an established tradition nor a written history to educate and inspire. A rider intent on learning the discipline had to be prepared to travel, to immerse himself in other cultures, and to care only for what those who had already mastered the art might teach him. Paul Belasik was this rider, intent on learning all he could about dressage methodology, and willing and able to compare and contrast the various means for achieving related goals: beautiful movement, “lightness,” connection between two beings. In these pages he shares a lifetime of searching and studying, both through stories of his own adventures and thoughtful essays on the subjects he has pondered during the years he has trained and ridden horses. Beginning in northern New York, and traveling to Portugal, and later, Vienna, Belasik serves as a tour guide of the various dressage “paths” he had the chance to explore, including the German system, the Portuguese art of equitation, and the revered institutions of the Spanish Riding School. Paperback: 160 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (April 16, 2019)

  • Dressage the Cowboy Way

    Dressage the Cowboy Way BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Dressage the Cowboy Way: The Complete Guide to Training and Riding with Soft Feel and Kindness by Eitan Beth-Halachmy (Author), Jenni L. Grimmett DVM (Author)- In this remarkable book, the founder of Cowboy Dressage® Eitan Beth–Halachmy explains the development of the Western dressage horse using his methods. Beginning with the basics of body language, use of the aids, and a discussion of the Training Pyramid, Beth–Halachmy then provides guidelines for foundational groundwork and progressive dressage schooling under saddle, such as developing cadence and consistency in the gaits, understanding and requesting correct bend, choosing and using lateral maneuvers, and advancing self–carriage and collection. Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (July 17, 2018)

  • Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul

    Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul: A 21st-Century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding and Horse-And-Rider Well-Being by Linda Tellington-Jones (Author) and Rebecca M. Didier (Contributor). "A new approach to the classical methods of training dressage horses--methods that can cause the animals undue physical and emotional distress--these powerful new techniques from world-renowned horse trainer and behaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones improve not only the dressage horse's performance but also its well-being. The guide employs the author's legendary TTouch method and features practical dressage-training information on topics such as relaxing the overly touchy horse, focusing the overly playful horse, improving balance and transitions, and solving problems with stage fright. In addition to the providing the tips and techniques needed to ensure that the horse relishes its role in the art of dressage, numerous case studies of the top horses, riders, and trainers Tellington-Jones has worked with in her career are also included"-- Hardcover: 288 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (March 1, 2013) Language: English.

  • Duel for the Crown: Affirmed, Alydar, and Racing's Greatest Rivalry

    Duel for the Crown: Affirmed, Alydar, and Racing's Greatest Rivalry BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover by Linda Carroll (Author), David Rosner (Author). From the moment they first galloped head-to-head in Saratoga Springs, the two chestnut colts showed they were the stuff of racing legend. Alydar, all muscle with a fearsome closing kick, was already the popular favorite to win the Kentucky Derby. Affirmed, deceptively laid-back streamlined elegance, was powered forward by his steely determination not to settle for second place. In the Sport of Kings, the Triple Crown is the most valued prize, requiring a horse to win not just one race, but three: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. And 1978 would not be just for the record books, but also one of the greatest dramas ever played out in the racing world. Hardcover: 368 pages Publisher: Gallery Books (April 22, 2014). KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Embrace the Wild

    Embrace the Wild BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback “I have just dropped into the very place I have been seeking but in everything it exceeds all my dreams. “ Isabella Lucy Bird (1831-1904) Some people live to travel; Isabella Lucy Bird traveled to live. Dare to saddle up with this equestrian explorer on her way to becoming the best-loved travel writer of her day. Set off on a voyage from England to the South Seas. Jump ship in Honolulu, then hop on board the Kilauea steaming its way to sleepy Hilo. Be captivated by the lavish beauty of the Sandwich Islands. Charge up the flank of a living volcano, ford roaring torrents on the way to Waipio Valley where the gods come close. Feel the loving touch of the healing hands of a Hawaiian elder and let go of chronic pain that has held you captive. Set your spirit free with Isabella as she breaks through physical and social barriers to follow her dreams. Set your spirit free with Isabella as she breaks through physical and social barriers to follow her dreams. Paperback : 244 pages. Publisher : Wind Dancer Press (February 2, 2021). See an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Equestrian Handbook of Excuses: For Riders That Just Don't Feel Like It Today

    Equestrian Handbook of Excuses: For Riders That Just Don't Feel Like It Today BUY NOW on AMAZON Paperback As equestrians we are united by our love of horses. But whether you own, lease, or borrow some days you just want to call your trainer and cancel. For those days I’ve compiled a handy list of excuses to tell our trainers, our horses, or ourselves for why today just isn't a good day to ride. Suitable for every level of rider, from lead line to Grand Prix. Paperback: 30 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 2, 2017) Language: English. .

  • Equestrian Style: Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant

    Equestrian Style: Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover by Vicky Moon (Author). Elegant equestrians in impeccable attire; glorious hunt balls held in museums; a procession of regal foxhunting paintings in a home fit for a polo king and his brood—the world of horses is full of imagery. Extending far beyond the stable, the racetrack, and the polo field, our love of all things equine appears everywhere from our closets to our dining rooms. Hardcover: 256 pages Publisher: Clarkson Potter; 1st edition (July 15, 2008)

  • Equine Beauty

    Equine Beauty BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover by Raphael Macek (Photographer). The legendary and complex relationship between humans and horses is an enduring one. The horse's distinctive blend of grace and strength and its sleek beauty has long been analyzed, admired and represented in artistic form - whether through painting, sculpture or photography. Raphael Macek's inspiring images of equine majesty feature both close-ups and complete figures against the backdrops of artful landscapes. His balanced composition and exquisite lighting highlight the form, texture and muscularity of each unique creature. There's a livliness and immediacy to this collection. So much so, that at times,it's as if these compelling portraits might just come to life at any second. Hardcover: 208 pages Publisher: teNeues (October 15, 2013)

  • Equine Lameness for the Layman

    Equine Lameness for the Layman BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover by G. Robert Grisel DVM (Author) Lameness is the most common cause of poor performance in the horse. This makes management of his soundness over the long–term integral to both his general well–being and his ability to participate in recreational and competitive activities. Unfortunately, most equine caretakers are unable to perceive abnormal movement in the horse... Many equine veterinarians also find it difficult to visually decipher lameness... It is with these two key audiences in mind that Dr. Bob Grisel has created a book unlike any other. With hundreds of illustrations, dozens of charts, and links to online videos of explanatory case studies, readers are given a complete course in observing, identifying, and decoding equine lameness. Hardcover: 264 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books; 1 edition (July 17, 2018)

  • Equine Nutrition and Feeding

    Equine Nutrition and Feeding BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover by David Frape (Author). Since the first edition of Equine Nutrition and Feeding was published in 1986, it has become the seminal work on the subject. It covers all the key topics that you need to know for your equine nutrition degree course. This comprehensive and clearly evidenced textbook covers how food is digested and nutrients are used in growing, working and breeding horses. It also explains the scientific basis for calculating nutrient and dietary requirements in an understandable manner, and shows you how to do these calculations. Special attention is also given to grassland and pasture, and to housing and diet-related diseases. Additional, student-friendly features include: References to the most up-to-date information, including "Nutrient Requirements of Horses", from the National Research Council (2007). Case histories to provide practical examples. Study questions at the end of each chapter to help you to revise. Paperback: 512 pages Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 4 edition (July 6, 2010). KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Exotic Betting: Multihorse, Multirace Bets that Win

    Exotic Betting: Multihorse, Multirace Bets that Win BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover by Steven Crist (Author). In Exotic Betting, the horseplayer takes a colorful wagering ride by learning to maximize profits by betting on a multitude of exotic wagers including the daily double, exacta, trifecta, quinella, superfecta, pick 3, 4, and 6. Hardcover: 288 pages Publisher: Daily Racing Form (June 13, 2006).

  • Falling from Horses: A Novel

    Falling from Horses: A Novel BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover | Audiobook by Molly Gloss (Author). In a new novel from the best-selling author of The Hearts of Horses and The Jump-Off Creek, a young ranch hand escapes a family tragedy and travels to Hollywood to become a stunt rider. In 1938, nineteen-year-old ranch hand Bud Frazer sets out for Hollywood. His little sister has been gone a couple of years now, his parents are finding ranch work and comfort for their loss where they can, but for Bud, Echol Creek, where he grew up and first learned to ride, is a place he can no longer call home. So he sets his sights on becoming a stunt rider in the movies — and rubbing shoulders with the great screen cowboys of his youth. Hardcover: 336 pages Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (October 28, 2014). KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Fergus and the Greener Grass

    Fergus and the Greener Grass BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover by Jean Abernethy (author) “Everyone loves Fergus!” say reviewers, and now the opinionated cartoon horse and bona fide social media star is back in an all new comic adventure. In his third book, Fergus catches a glimpse of what could be, and leaving his life of comfort behind, sets off on a hilarious journey. His exploits lead him over, under, and through all manner of obstacles as he strives to reach the bigger, better prize that beckons, always just a little farther away…and on the other side. Featuring the talented Jean Abernethy’s hysterical illustrations and scenes replete with supporting characters as amusing as their endearingly awkward hero, Fergus and the Greener Grass promises to entertain any reader with big dreams and an insatiable appetite for life’s little surprises―whether age 5 or 95!" Hardcover: 40 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (November 14, 2017) Language: English.

  • Five Things You Can Do in 30 MInutes to Improve Your Riding Forever

    Five Things You Can Do in 30 MInutes to Improve Your Riding Forever BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback by Michael Schaffer (Author). A short little booklet that shows you how to correct the five most common errors in riding - how to balance your saddle, how to sit in it correctly, how to hold your hands so you sit better, how to ask your horse to go without wearing yourself out, and how to ask him to stop without pulling. Paperback: 40 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 1, 2013).

  • For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything About Horses

    For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything About Horses BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover by Christina Wilsdon (Author), Alecia Underhill (Illustrator). Is your first and second favorite animal a horse? Is your bedroom covered with horse posters on your walls and horse models on your shelves? Would you rather muck out a stall than clean your room? Then you are absolutely, undeniably horse crazy, and For Horse-Crazy Girls Only is the book for you! This is the only comprehensive book about everything a horse-crazy girl needs to know about horses. You'll learn everything from the different breeds of horses, to how a horse's body works, to the quirky little things that make the horse the BEST animal ever. Author Christina Wilsdon even shares ideas for horse-themed parties, and suggestions for the best horse movies to watch with your friends. And that's just the beginning. Age Range: 8 - 11 years Grade Level: 2 - 6 Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (September 28, 2010)

  • Four Seasons of Racing

    by Barbara D Livingston (Author), Jacqueline Duke (Editor). Eclipse Award-winning photographer Barbara D. Livingston's unique style lives in the pages of this remarkable collector's book. More than 250 photographs including Cigar, Seattle Slew, Mr. Prospector, Easy Goer and many more. Livingston also captures the grace of historic racecourses, majestic farms and other memorable settings.Hardcover: 142 pages Publisher: Eclipse Press; 1st edition (August 15, 1998)

  • Foxhunting

    by Kate Green (Author), Trevor Meeks (Photographer), Nigel Peel (Foreword). Leading equestrian sports photographer Trevor Meeks has been photographing foxhunting for Horse & Hound for nearly two decades. For many people country hunting is much more than a sport, it's a way of life, and it is this passionate commitment to the countryside, the horses, and the hounds that Meeks captures so evocatively in his stunning photographs. With Kate Green's knowledgeable commentary running throughout, this beautiful album encapsulates the spirit of foxhunting and provides a unique chronicle of a beloved pastime.Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Andre Deutsch (December 1, 2010)

  • From My Hands to Yours: Lessons from a Lifetime of Training Championship Horses by Monty Roberts

    Published in 1996, "The Man Who Listens to Horses" became a full-blown phenomenon. The book went on to sell nearly 5 million copies. Suddenly, Roberts and his training methods had skyrocketed into the limelight. The phone lines were jammed at the farm and the media was clamoring to get an interview; but more importantly, hundreds of thousands of horse lovers heard the message that there was another way. Monty still demonstrates Join~Up(R) across the globe. His fourth book "From My Hands to Yours: Lessons from a Lifetime of Training Championship Horses," is a textbook format of his Join-Up training principles. His academy, the Monty Roberts Equestrian Academy, located at Flag Is Up Farms, trained more than 140 students last year using his non-violent methods. MREA is run by the nonprofit organization, Join~Up(R) International, Inc. which has set out to ensure that Join-Up principles will be available for generations to come. Hard cover‏ : ‎ 240 pages. Monty & Pat Roberts Inc (October 31, 2002)

  • From the Horse's Point of View: Beyond Natural Horsemanship: Horse Training's New Frontier

    From the Horse's Point of View: Beyond Natural Horsemanship: Horse Training's New Frontier BUY NOW on AMAZONKindle | Paperback For years, Andrea Kutsch filled stadiums with spectators as she demonstrated remarkable transformations in “problem horses” using the Natural Horsemanship training methods she'd learned from leaders in the field. But something was bothering her—a feeling that had been with her since her childhood days, watching Icelandics in a field and coming up through a traditional German riding system. Despite the strides made in improving the horse's well-being through the worldwide adoption of Natural Horsemanship techniques, she knew that the methods were still missing something. Kutsch set out to find the next stage in the evolution of horse training. She studied the results of methods she used with thousands of young horses at The Lewitz Stud in Neustadt--Glewe, Germany, the renowned farm owned by European champion Paul Schockemöhle. This provided the basis for what she calls Evidence-Based Equine Communication™ (EBEC), a means of reading the horse and understanding the world from his point of view. Here she introduces EBEC and how it can take our relationship with horses and their ability to perform as our partners to a whole new level. Paperback ‏ : ‎ 192 pages. Publisher : Trafalgar Square Books (December 1, 2021)

  • Ghost Riders: When US and German Soldiers Fought Together to Save the World's Most Beautiful Horses in the Last Days of World War II

    Ghost Riders: When US and German Soldiers Fought Togetherto Save the World's Most Beautiful Horses in the Last Days of World War II BUY NOW on AMAZONKindle | Hardcover| Audio CD It is April 1945 and the world's most prized horses are about to be slaughtered... As the Red Army closes in on the Third Reich, a German colonel sends an American intelligence officer an unusual report about a POW camp soon to be overrun by the Soviets. Locked up, the report says, are over a thousand horses, including the entire herd of white Lipizzaner's from Vienna's Spanish Riding School, as well as Europe's finest Arabian stallions--stolen to create an equine "master race." The horses are worth millions and, if the starving Red Army reaches the stables first, they will kill the horses for rations. The Americans, under the command of General George Patton, whose love of horses was legendary, decide to help the Germans save the majestic creatures. Drawing from newly unearthed archival material, family archives held by descendants of the participants, and interviews with many of the participants published throughout the years, Ghost Riders is the definitive account of this truly unprecedented and moving story of kindness and compassion at the close of humanity's darkest hour. Hardcover: 304...

  • Gunner: Hurricane Horse (True Horse Stories)

    by Judy Andrekson (Author), David Parkins (Illustrator). Each book in the True Horse Stories focuses on a contemporary horse from a different part of the world, and each animal is, in his or her own way, a hero. PBJ Decks Smokin Gun (Gunner) is an American Paint Horse, one of the many of Heather Lott Goodwin's herd, and a valuable show animal that won the World Championship Paint Horse title. When Hurricane Katrina passed over the Goodwin property, it took with it the fences, the cattle, and several horses. Heather and her family lived in their horse trailer for six weeks and considered themselves lucky to have safe, comfortable shelter. After the storm, they searched for the animals and recovered many of them. But three months passed before they located Gunner, a hundred miles away. Age Range: 9 - 12 years Grade Level: 4 - 7 Series: True Horse Stories Paperback: 104 pages. KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Happy Trails: A Pictorial Celebration of the Life and Times of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

    Happy Trails: A Pictorial Celebration of the Life and Times of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans BUY NOW on AMAZONPaperback | Hardcover A unique and captivating collection of photographs and memories chronicling the lives of the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans made their first movie together in 1944, and so began a dazzling partnership with a devoted public following that lasted 52 years. In this charming photographic biography, readers meet the talented young man and woman who would eventually become the royal couple of B-rated Westerns, a reign that would last more than a decade. The dynamic pair, adored by fans for both their acting and their singing abilities, costarred in 29 movies and recorded more than 200 albums together, eventually parlaying their fame to the small screen with a half-hour television hit The Roy Rogers Show, as well as a comic book series and a long list of merchandise (including clothes, boots, and toys), bearing their names.This book transports nostalgic readers back to a time when the good always save the day and lovers ride off together into the sunset to the now-famous tune written by Evans that would become the couple’s theme: “Happy Trails.” It is both a classic reminder for aficionados and a beguiling...

  • Headless Horsemen: A Tale of Chemical Colts, Subprime Sales Agents, and the Last Kentucky Derby on Steroids

    by Jim Squires (Author). "An insider's stunning account of the corrupt practices that threaten both the horses and the game . . . an engrossing read." —Minneapolis Star-Tribune Jim Squires was in trouble. He was in the horse business, an enterprise seemingly intent on committing suicide, led over the cliff by visionless leaders. A clannish group called "the Dinnies" had long refused to share power, as vast overproduction and unbridled greed created a subprime-like bubble in the market. Overpriced animals of dubious quality and drug-enhanced performance on the track were undermining the integrity of competition and ultimately the very breed itself. With its economic model broken, its tawdry sales practices under attack, and its public image in tatters, the sport was overdue for a reckoning. Headless Horsemen is Squires's critique of what is happening to the sport and the animals he loves, as he and a small group of unlikely heroes agitate for a return to fair dealing. For anyone who cares about the soul and survival of horse racing, this book is an impassioned call to arms. Paperback: 272 pages Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; First Edition edition (April 27, 2010) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Healthy Stables by Design: A Common Sense Approach

    by John Blackburn (Author), Beth Herman (Author). ·First known book of its kind on equestrian architecture that uses a confluence of scientific principles and design to promote the health and safety of horses ·Presents significant, full color examples of the execution of health and safety design for horses, manifested in a range of dynamic architectural barn styles from California Mission to Texas Hill Country's rustic vernacular to New England Colonial ·Stunning, image-driven chapters elaborate on the genesis of each design, including the needs and requirements of individual horse owners and how environmental, code, municipal and sometimes formidable landscape factors challenge, drive and shape each final design Healthy Stables by Design turns traditional sheltering practices for horses on its ear, introducing the concepts of aerodynamic ventilation, strategic natural light, and passive solar heating and cooling into compelling horse barn designs ranging from exquisite to functional. Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Images Publishing Dist Ac (October 1, 2013)

  • History of Horse Racing: First Past The Post

    by John Carter (Author). An engrossing guide to the fascinating stories and facts of the horse-racing world, from the early days of the first races to the thrilling multi-spectator sport of today. Spectacularly illustrated with over 220 dramatic photographs of horses, signature race courses and personalities, as well as archive drawings and paintings. Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Lorenz Books (June 16, 2013)

  • Horse Girl, A Journey Home

    Horse Girl, A Journey Home BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover | Audiobook A tale of love, life, and finding your way home....Horse Girl is an enchanting memoir of a woman and her unwavering connection to her horses. It’s a tale of love, life, and finding your way home.Hardcover: ‎ 187 pages. Independently published (November 7, 2023) Read an excerpt from the book.

  • Horse Sense for People by Monty Roberts

    Horse Sense for People by Monty Roberts BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover In The Man Who Listens to Horses, Monty Roberts revealed the depth of communication possible between human and horse. Touching the hearts of more than four million readers worldwide, that memoir—which spent more than a year at the top of The New York Times bestseller list—described his discovery of the "language" of horses and the dramatic effectiveness of removing violence from their training. Now, the world's most famous horse gentler demonstrates how his revolutionary Join-Up technique can be used not just for horses, but as a model for how to strengthen human relationships. With vivid, often deeply moving anecdotes, Roberts shows how the lessons learned from the thousands of horses he has known can provide effective guidelines for improving the quality of our communication with one another—from learning to "read" each other effectively, to creative fear-free environments, and, most importantly, teaching belief in the power of gentleness and trust. Paperback‏ : ‎ 272 pages. Penguin Books; 1st edition (March 15, 2002)

  • Horse Vet - Chronicles of a Mobile Veterinarian

    by Courtney S. Diehl (Author). Gunshot injuries. Breeding disasters. Controlling trainers, nutty horse owners, warm hearted clients and "laugh-out-loud-funny stories that you just can't make up"- Dr. Courtney deals with it all in this lively series of tales about the life of a mobile vet in the Colorado Rockies. In her stories from thirteen years as a mobile horse vet, whether running IV ¬ fluids on top of a mountain or squaring off against an unethical cutting horse owner who calls her "Little Lady," Diehl makes us laugh, cry and smile. It's a journey that brings the reader onto the farms and into the clinic and shows what it's really like to be a mobile veterinarian.Paperback: 194 pages Publisher: BookCrafters (February 3, 2014). KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing Equine Facilities

    by Cherry Hill (Author). Effective management requires knowledge, dedication, and a sincere interest in the well-being of horses. In this thoroughly updated second edition of her best-selling classic, Cherry Hill explains how to be a responsible steward of the land while providing horses with the best care possible. Drawing on decades of personal experience and recommendations from hands-on Extension agents throughout North America, Hill provides detailed, practical information designed to help readers develop and refine their “horsekeeping consciousness.” Paperback: 308 pages Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC; 2 edition (March 1, 2005). KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Horses

    by Jill Greenberg (Author), A. M. Homes (Author). Best known for her amazingly anthropomorphic and affectionate portraits of monkeys and bears, Jill Greenberg turns her lens to horses for her new photographic collection. This is the perfect gift for every horse lover. In this beautifully conceived volume, Jill Greenberg captures the powerful, romantic, and enigmatic nature of horses through her signature lens in photographs that make these animals all the more otherworldly yet familiar. Where Greenberg’s earlier books explored the mystery and depth of emotion behind some of nature’s most dangerous creatures (Kodiak and polar bears, baboons, and gibbons, among others), Horses is an elegiac exploration of these heroic and often idealized creatures. Transformed by Greenberg’s lens, the horse’s powerful physical beauty becomes a hyper-real vision, and her gorgeous prints seduce us in a subtle manner with their sensuous, painterly textures. Hardcover: 224 pages Publisher: Rizzoli (October 2, 2012)

  • Horses in Translation

    Horses in Translation: Essential Lessons in Horse Speak , by Sharon Wilsie (Author). With her landmark first book Horse Speak: The Equine–Human Translation Guide, trainer Sharon Wilsie upended conventional methods of human–equine communication (using words and ropes, for example) with her clear classification of the language horses use with each other (body, breath, and intent), as well as an unparalleled explanation of how we as humans can effectively mirror it. Learning to “listen” and “talk” to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours, is a milestone in the progressive philosophy of horsemanship. In her follow–up, Wilsie uses true stories to relate examples of “problems” and how they were solved using Horse Speak. Her engaging narrative introduces readers to dozens of real–life scenarios from different barns, various disciplines, and riders and handlers with contrasting experiences and backgrounds. Wilsie highlights her Horse Speak process and the steps she takes to connect with horses that have shut down, grown confused, or become sulky or aggressive for any number of reasons. The result is a book full of incredible insight and exciting possibilities. Paperback: 248 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (May 15, 2018), KINDLE edition available.

  • Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership

    by Mark Rashid (Author). In Horses Never Lie, renowned horse trainer Mark Rashid challenges the conventional wisdom of “alpha leadership” and teaches the reader to become a “passive leader”—a counterpart to the kind of horse other members of a herd choose to associate with and to follow. Applying Rashid’s principles and techniques helps cultivate horse personalities that are responsive and dependable regardless of the rider. Hardcover: 224 pages Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing; Second Edition edition (July 6, 2011) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Horses with a Mission: Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service

    by Allen Anderson (Author), Linda Anderson (Author). With twenty-one dramatic true stories of courageous, loyal, and loving horses who found their life's purpose, this book reveals the wonders possible when both humans and horses are encouraged and allowed to follow their best instincts. The heroic equines you will meet include: Molly, a pony who survived Hurricane Katrina and the loss of a leg, who spreads her message of hope to disabled children. Her story went viral with coverage on the Internet, in the New York Times, and on the CBS Evening News. Paperback: 208 pages Publisher: New World Library; 8.2.2009 edition (September 22, 2009) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Horses: History, Myth, Art

    by Catherine Johns (Author). The remarkable relationship between people and horses has been evoked in art from the beginning of the bond between them. In this beautifully illustrated book, Catherine Johns explores the horse in art from the ancient world to the modern era. In early human history, horses were among the wild creatures hunted for meat; they were domesticated comparatively late, around 4000 B.C. As people developed from hunter-gatherers to farmers, the horse offered the potential for a revolution in power and transport—the ability to move farther and faster transformed society. Hardcover: 192 pages Publisher: Harvard University Press; First Edition edition (November 20, 2006)

  • Horses: In Living Color

    by Barbara D Livingston (Photographer). Horses: In Living Color captures equines ranging from paint-colored miniature horses to towering rich bay Clydesdales and includes the rare spotted Knabstrupper, whose numbers in the United States are estimated at 100. Livingston handles each subject with immense respect and admiration. One painterly portrait captures three white Thoroughbred mares jogging through the brush in Oregon's desert land, while in another, a coal-black Friesian mare whose mane nearly reaches the ground, curiously eyes the photographer. Hardcover: 224 pages Publisher: Eclipse Press; 1ST edition (November 15, 2009)

  • Hotcakes to High Stakes: The Chuckwagon Story

    by Doug Nelson (Author). When the West was won, the chuckwagon was a part of it all, and still is today. The story of the chuckwagon's evolution from mobile kitchen/medical centre for the pioneer cowboy, to its current status as a wheeled "racing machine," takes us from the Civil War, along the dusty trails of the cattle drive, to the early days of the rodeo circuit, and all the way to the roar of a crowd cheering on their favorite outfit for $50 000 in 1992. Doug Nelson shows us that while the true "flavor" of the Old West was hotcakes, today's drivers and fans have an appetite for the flash, color, tradition, and plain old excitement of chuckwagon racing. Hardcover: 192 pages Publisher: Brush Education (January 1, 1993)

  • How To Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse

    by Janice L. Blake (Author). Janice L. Blake, Thoroughbred race horse jockey and author, describes how to take a horse to the race track and back safely. This guide is great for beginners, owners, and other rail birds who want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes of a Thoroughbred race track as the horses are being exercised in the morning. Paperback: 40 pages Publisher: BalboaPress (November 4, 2013) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • How to Think Like A Horse: Why Horses Do What They Do

    by Cherry Hill (Author). Horse trainer and instructor Cherry Hill believes that every human/horse relationship benefits from a greater human understanding of what motivates horses, how they experience the world, what makes them happy, and what worries them. Journey through the equine mind with Hill as she explores what makes a horse tick. How do his basic needs dictate his behavior and mood? What touches and tastes appeal to his senses? How does his “flight or fight” instinct dictate his response to sudden movements? Paperback: 192 pages Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC (May 5, 2006) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Human Horse Sensing Horsemanship

    Human Horse Sensing Horsemanship BUY NOW on AMAZON Paperback When it comes to relating to horses, do not guess… Communicate and lead! Trained horses are capable of being successful in the equestrian disciplines, however, even when a performance is good, horsemanship can add more to it. Horses are naturally social beings, aware of the surroundings, and extremely able to adapt. While freedom is one of their strongest tendencies, horses are always open to learning. Human Horse Sensing Horsemanship is designed to support the human interaction with horses in any spontaneous circumstance. It works in a groundwork situation as well as while riding. The interaction is dynamic, modulated in time by our behavior through movement, and perceived by human and horse through the senses. The horsemanship is structured as a social relationship. Most importantly we leave coercion out of the interaction, and the leader appears to be such from the way he behaves. Paperback ‏ : ‎ 138 pages. Human Horse Sensing (September 26, 2018)

  • Hunter Seat Equitation

    by George H. Morris (Author). A classic by a world-renowned teacher and master equestrian--the definitive work on the art of teaching and riding the hunter seat, now updated to include refinements in Morris's insightful program of riding instruction. B & W photographs throughout. Hardcover: 224 pages Publisher: Doubleday; 3 Sub edition (June 1, 1990)

  • In the Middle Are the Horsemen

    In the Middle Are the Horsemen Tik Maynard (Author) - 26-year-old Tik Maynard faced a crossroads not unlike that of other young adults. A university graduate and modern pentathlete, he suffered both a career-ending injury and a painful breakup, leaving him suddenly adrift. Maynard decided to spend the next year as a “working student” in the horse industry. Here he chronicles his experiences–good and bad–and we follow along as one year becomes three, what began as a casual adventure gradually transforms, and a life's purpose comes into focus. Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (June 26, 2018)

  • In the Reins by Carly Kade

    In the Reins by Carly Kade BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback McKennon Kelly is a handsome horse trainer who knows the cure for wannabe cowgirl Devon Brooke's horse troubles. Will he train her? He's not so sure...Devon Brooke is a city girl gone country who desperately needs a certain Romeo in Wranglers' help with her new horse. People say she's a cowboy crazy cowgirl with horse problems. They may be right...Meet McKennon and Devon in the In the Reins series.A city-girl-gone-country, a handsome cowboy and a horse meet by fate on a southern farm. She's looking for a fresh start and unexpectedly falls for the mysterious cowboy. But can a man with a deeply guarded secret open himself up to the wannabe cowgirl in the saddle next to him? Deeply romantic and suspenseful, In the Reins captures the struggle between letting life move forward and shying away from taking the reins. Passionate, captivating, and full of equine epiphanies, this is a love story sure to touch your inner cowgirl. Paperback : 303 pages. Publisher : Carly Kade Creative; 1st edition (December 10, 2015) Read and excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Is Your Horse 100%

    100 percent ability is in your hands! Conformation Balancing is deceptively simple. With patient, conscientious placement of your hands on specific areas of the horse’s body, you can bring about profound change in his physical and mental well-being. The secret? The internet-like web of fascia beneath the skin. Fascia is the connective tissue that “holds everything together”—it wraps around, attaches, and stabilizes muscles and internal organs, communicating with all parts while providing structure and organization. But here’s the thing: Fascia is also a reservoir for emotional trauma and tension. This means that when you help a horse find physical release in a “stuck” area of strain or stiffness, you invite psychological healing as well. Print Length: 224 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (June 15, 2018) Publication Date: June 15, 2018 KINDLE EDITION Available.

  • Journeys with Horses

    Journeys with Horses by Leslie McDonald (Author) Captivating collection of colorful short stories that tell the tale of the sight, scent and sensations of life in the stable. From novice to competitive riders, professional trainers to “horse husbands” as well as war heroes to childhood dreamers, Journeys with Horses shares stories of triumph and tragedy, joy and revelation that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the dreams, passions, challenges and rewards of a journey down the barn aisle. A great read for anyone looking for the perfect horse fix. Paperback: 213 pages. Publisher: Down the Aisle Promotions (June 15, 2016) KINDLE EDITION AVAILABLE. Journeys with Horses is available at or the author’s website for autographed copies.

  • Know Better to Do Better: Mistakes I Made with Horses (So You Don't Have To)

    With horses, we don't get a “do-over button,” as much as we'd sometimes like one. We have to live with the choices we make, even when–looking back–we know there might have been a better way to communicate, a different way to teach a new lesson, or another means to reach the desired end. In this smart, honest book chock full of valuable takeaways, gold medalist and renowned rider and coach Denny Emerson uses stories of the standout horses from his own riding career, which spans almost 70 years, to detail some of the things he wishes he'd known “then” that he knows now. With a candid willingness to share mistakes he's made over the years and clearly articulated ideas on how others can avoid them, he commits himself and those reading to finding more conscientious ways to ride, train, and work with horses. Hardcover: 232 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (November 13, 2018)

  • Lameness: Recognizing And Treating The Horse's Most Common Ailment

    by Equine Research (Author). Lameness, one of the most common and most troublesome of all equine ailments, remains the primary reason why horses are unable to fulfill their potential and their riders' and trainers' expectations. More preparation time is lost, more competitions are missed, and more careers are prematurely ended because of lameness than any other condition. This book analyzes the causes, diagnoses, and management of the myriad causes of lameness: --Defining and identifying the lame leg; spotting gait abnormalities and non-muscular causes; physical examinations and evaluations; diagnostic tools and other tests; the role of the veterinarian and farrier in pre-purchase examinations. Paperback: 1048 pages Publisher: Lyons Press (April 1, 2005)

  • Land of the Horses: A True Story of a Lost Soul and a Life Found

    Land of the Horses: A True Story of a Lost Soul and a Life Found BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback An intensely moving memoir of a young man who left heartbreak in Maine to seek healing Out West in the company of horses. Growing up in a small Maine town, Chris Lombard had never ridden a horse—never even touched one. But on one fateful night, as what he’d thought was a happy twenty-something life full of love and possibility fell suddenly apart, he met two horses and looked into their eyes. What he saw inspired him to leave everything he had, and everything he didn’t have, behind, and go in search of what was missing. Evocatively written, interweaving the author’s growing understanding of horses and how we connect with them with his deeply personal experiences, Land of the Horses brings to life a young man’s transformation alongside the horses, people, and dramatic landscapes of the American West. Healing heartbreak, falling and getting back on, searching for something true—this is a story that is in all of us. And it shows we are all capable of creating the life we truly want to live. Paperback ‏ : ‎ 208 pages. Publisher ‏ : ‎ Trafalgar Square Books (October 12, 2021)

  • Landaluce: The Story of Seattle Slew's First Champion (Horses in History)

    Landaluce: The Story of Seattle Slew's First Champion (Horses in History) BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback When Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew retired from racing in 1978 to stand at stud at Spendthrift Farm, no one could be certain he would be a successful sire. But just four years later, his dark bay daughter Landaluce won the Hollywood Lassie Stakes by twenty-one lengths―a margin of victory that remains the largest ever in any race by a two-year-old at Hollywood Park. California horse racing had a new superstar, and Slew was launched on a stud career that would make him one of the most influential sires in North America. Like her father, Landaluce soon became a national celebrity, and was poised to become the next American super-horse. But those dreams ended when the two-year-old died in her stall at Santa Anita four months later, the victim of a swift and mysterious illness. Today, with her "I Love Luce" bumper stickers long gone, the filly has been largely forgotten. Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 346 pages. Publisher ‏ : ‎ University Press of Kentucky (July 12, 2022)

  • Legends: The Art of Richard Stone Reeves

    by Edward Bowen (Author). Legends, sequel to the incomparable Classic Lines and Decade of Champions, is a retrospective of Reeves's lifework--a collection of 90 outstanding paintings plus 20 original drawings and sketches. Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Oxmoor House; 1st edition (November 1989)

  • Many Brave Fools: A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency...and Horses

    Many Brave Fools: A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency...and Horses BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Codependency, a compulsive behavior sometimes known as “relationship addiction,” is often characterized by a dysfunctional, one-sided relationship that is emotionally destructive—even abusive. For years Susan Conley found herself trapped, married to an addict whose health, welfare, and safety she valued far above her own. Here, with humor and honesty, Conley chronicles her experiences, sharing how her pledge to rediscover herself following her divorce was aided, abetted, and challenged by the horses in her life. “The struggle to heal the wounds of a dysfunctional marriage was actually made easier via the real wounds received from horseback riding.” Many Brave Fools explores the ways in which horses enriched Conley’s life, and how the process of making herself into a rider also helped her become the person she most wanted to be: not the “ex-wife of an addict,” but a responsive, confident, even courageous woman, entering the prime of her life. Print Length: 232 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (April 5, 2019) Publication: April 5, 2019

  • Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man

    by Siegfried Sassoon (Author), Paul Fussell (Introduction). The first volume in Siegfried Sassoon’s beloved trilogy, The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston, with a new introduction by celebrated historian Paul Fussell. A highly decorated English soldier and an acclaimed poet and novelist, Siegfried Sassoon won fame for his trilogy of fictionalized autobiographies that wonderfully capture the vanishing idylls of Edwardian England and the brutal realities of war. In this first novel of the semiautobiographical George Sherston trilogy, Sassoon wonderfully captures the vanishing idylls of the Edwardian English countryside. Never out of print since its original publication in 1928, when it won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, Sassoon's reminiscences about childhood and the beginning of World War I are channeled through young George Sherston, whose life of local cricket tournaments and fox-hunts falls apart as war approaches and he joins up to fight. Available in two editions: Hardcover: 313 pages Publisher: Coward-Mccann; First Edition edition (1929), and Paperback: 320 pages Publisher: Penguin Classics; Reprint edition (May 28, 2013)

  • More Old Friends: Visits with My Favorite Thoroughbreds

    by Barbara D Livingston (Author). When popular equine photographer Barbara Livingston released her book Old Friends in 2002 to profile and honor Thoroughbred racing's beloved "seniors" through her words and photographs, fan reaction was immediate: "When is Old Friends 2 coming out?!" The original book, now out of print, remains popular with collectors. Hardcover: 221 pages Publisher: Eclipse Press (October 1, 2007)

  • Mustang: From Wild Horse to Riding Horse: One Trainer’s Journal: Groundwork, First Rides, Obstacles, Trail Work, Liberty, Performance and More

    By Vivian Gabor - One trainer’s journal of discovering partnership and trust with a wild horse as she prepares for the Mustang Makeover. For 90 days, biologist and horsewoman Vivian Gabor recorded her experiences with Mona, the wild horse that had crossed a continent and an ocean to find a new home. Through words and wonderful color photographs, Vivian shares the ups and downs as she progresses with Mona’s training, discovering new insights about horses and their true nature along the way. Informational sidebars on the science behind the process of horse training help explain Vivian’s reasoning for the methods she chooses to follow when working with a Mustang. Steps for patiently and naturally introducing groundwork, liberty work, and first rides are vividly illustrated. But it is the resulting friendship between woman and horse that most resonates, providing all readers an opportunity to imagine what it might be like to train a Mustang of their own. Paperback: 168 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (January 28, 2020) Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Never Trust a Sneaky Pony

    Never Trust a Sneaky Pony BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback James Herriot meets Jeff Foxworthy in the real-life adventures of a traveling horse doctor. Climb into the truck alongside large animal vet Dr. Madison Seamans and race to the aid of horses with wounds, stomach aches, allergies, and bizarre behaviors, as well as those in severe physical distress. Quite by accident, you’ll find yourself familiar with and understanding common equine medical problems and how they are diagnosed and treated, all while marveling at the remarkable situations a country veterinarian can find himself in. Playful yet serious, honest yet tongue-in-cheek, this wonderfully written book is an up-close look at a well-lived rural life that is about as authentic as America gets. No one who cares a whit for the animal kingdom, and the humans who dare enter it, will be disappointed. Paperback: ‎ 344 pages. Trafalgar Square Books (January 17, 2023) Read an excerpt from the book.

  • Nothing But Horses

    by Shannon Kennedy (Author). If the going gets tough, wanta-be cowboys exit stage left, according to Sierra McElroy. Because her family owns the local riding stable, her old life was nothing but horses. Now, Sierra has a new car (new to her), a new puppy, a new school, a new coach, and a new basketball team. However, she's brought her same old patterns into this new life. She still doesn't have any patience for stupid people who are a waste of time, space and oxygen. In order to take over Shamrock Stable someday, does Sierra need to learn to tolerate these people who make her crazy? Paperback: 212 pages Publisher: Melange Books - Fire and Ice Ya (October 19, 2014) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Of Horses & Life

    by Michael Guerini (Author). This is a collection of poems/free verse about life lived with horses. These works are created to share the horse experience with all. The poems are entitled: Baby Horse; Cowhorse; Young Rider's First Lesson; My New Owner; Big Bad Cuttin Horse; Show Jumping; Horse Girl; A Visit from the Farrier; Feeding Time at the Barn and Old Horse.. Poems added in October 2014 include Sharing the rhythm of the ride, Horses and Health, Family Time, Learning the Language of Horses, A Mother Stands at the Fence, Friends and Horses, and Seasons on the pasture. Paperback: 36 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 1, 2014) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Old Friends: Visits with My Favorite Thoroughbreds

    by Barbara D Livingston (Photographer). When famous racehorses retire from the track, some remain in the spotlight while others eventually fade into obscurity. But the fondness that racing fans feel for some of these horses never dies. Hardcover: 224 pages Publisher: Eclipse Press; 1 edition (September 1, 2002)

  • Pilates for Horses: A Mind-Body Conditioning Program for Strength, Mobility and Balance

    Pilates for Horses: A Mind-Body Conditioning Program for Strength, Mobility and Balance BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover An innovative and easy-to-use application of Pilates principles to the training, conditioning, and rehabilitation of horses. This highly illustrated how-to manual provides a clear guide to new ways of thinking about how to prevent injury in the horse, and when injuries do happen, to help the horse's body recover in a mindful and safe way. As a Pilates teacher for humans, horsewoman and eventer Laura Reiman has seen first-hand how consistent, quality exercise can ward off strain and injury, as well as heal. When her young horse was diagnosed with extreme back pain and a neurological disease, she turned to her knowledge of Pilates—the method she'd used to ease back pain in human clients for years—for help. She began to find ways to “bridge the gap” between the horse's mind and body to help increase his body awareness and core engagement. Hardcover: 224 pages. Publisher : Trafalgar Square Books (April 13, 2021)

  • PINTO!: Based Upon the True Story of the Longest Horseback Ride in History

    PINTO!: Based Upon the True Story of the Longest Horseback Ride in History BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback In 1912, four men, calling themselves the “Overland Westerners,” decided fame and fortune awaited if they embarked on the longest horseback ride in history. Their goal was to visit all forty-eight state capitals over the course of three years and complete their journey at the San Francisco World’s Fair on June 1, 1915. Facing rugged roads, raging rivers, thieves and near starvation, the men went through seventeen horses. Only one horse completed the entire journey… Pinto, a little horse with a heart as big as the whole country! This is Pinto’s account of his arduous adventure. PINTO! deserves a spot on the reading lists of not only young, horse-crazy readers, but adults who like horse tales ala Black Beauty. - Diane Donovan for Midwest Book Reviews Paperback : 272 pages. Publisher : Dancing Horse Press (October 16, 2019) Read and excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Pole Bending (The World of Rodeo)

    by Matthew Broyles (Author). Series: The World of Rodeo Library Binding: 48 pages Publisher: Rosen Pub Group (January 30, 2006)

  • Polo: Equine Warriors

    by Bob Tabor (Author). An extraordinary photographic homage to the polo pony, illuminating its unique athletic abilities and highlighting its elegance and beauty Polo: Equine Warriors is a stunning coffee table photography book that brings to life the inner psyche of the polo pony. Trained and bred for courage, strength, speed and agility, polo ponies also maintain an incredible beauty and elegance. Freeing themselves from the herd mentality, these animals transform into individual, responsive athletes, no longer a part of the pack like their ancestors. Hardcover: 132 pages Publisher: Antique Collectors Club Dist (July 16, 2013)

  • Polo: The Nomadic Tribe

    by Aline Coquelle (Author). This is the ultimate book on the sport of polo. Polo is not only a sport, it is a state of mind, a lifestyle, a value system, a philosophy of life. Polo is about courage, strength, and speed. Beauty, elegance, and allure. This stunning volume explores all. Players of polo, whether from India, England, Argentina, or Mongolia, are united by their love of the sport and the adventurous lifestyle that goes along with it. Photographing and writing about each important place along the polo route, Aline Coquelle, who traveled around the world for five years to celebrate the prestige, cosmopolitanism, and fun of polo, opens the door to this chic nomadic tribe. Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Assouline Publishing (September 22, 2009)

  • Racing Time: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Liberation

    Racing Time: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Liberation BUY NOW on AMAZONKindle | Hardcover Racing Time is a book of searing intensity shining a healing light into the wounds of loss. Most of all, it is a celebration of life-long friendships with three men--each outspoken, authentic, and a lover of the out-of-doors. In a period of nine months, Smithwick delivers the eulogies of these three who have been his nexus to the world of steeplechasing and Thoroughbred racing. Written to stand on its own, Racing Time is the third of a trilogy, following the memoirs Racing My Father and Flying Change. It continues with the vivid prose and sensory descriptions of the first two books, then takes a different path, delving deeply into the psyche of men, showing one man's love and respect for another, sometimes his anger and disappointment, and always his sense of loyalty and wonder. Smithwick takes the reader through the joy and excitement of shared youthful experiences, into the camaraderie of adulthood, and ends with the clap of a thundercloud calling on us all to live life to the fullest. Hardcover: 496 pages Publisher: Dementi Milestone Publishing (July 1, 2019). Read an excerpt from the book...

  • Red Rock Ranch: Lucy's Chance

    Red Rock Ranch: Lucy's Chance BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover Young adult fiction enjoyed by fans of Canterwood Crest, Heartland, & The Thoroughbred Series. Finalist in the Young Adult Category for the 2014 InD'tale Magazine RONE Awards. Featured in Pony & Style Magazine and Everything Horse UK Magazine. Saddle-up with a sweet, wholesome young adult equestrian series full of first loves, friendship, and horses. Get ready for a summer packed with trail rides, horse shows, rodeo, campfires, and kisses. "It's been a long time since a book swept me along as easily as Lucy's Chance. From the opening scene I found that I was turning the pages quickly, eager to see what would come next... a story that makes any horse lover long for the days when they were sixteen again." --THE EQUINE INSIDER Paperback: 192 pages Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (April 15, 2014)

  • Reining: The Guide for Training & Showing

    Reining: The Guide for Training & Showing Winning Reining Horses (A Western Horseman Book) by Al Dunning (Author), Pat Close (Author), Kathy Kadash (Photographer). This book covers the most modern methods used to train the reining horse and discusses specific problems and how to fix them. The original version of this book was first published in 1983 and sold over 100,000 copies. In recent years, however, reining has changed and Al Dunning has fine-tuned his methods and techniques of training in order to stay among the top competitors. This brand-new edition, considerably larger than the original book, reflects the changes in Al's training program through updated copy and more than 300 new photographs. Paperback: 215 pages Publisher: Western Horseman; Revised edition (January 1, 1996)

  • Ridden: Dressage from the Horse's Point of View

    by Ulrike Thiel (Author), Coralie Hughes (Translator). What does the horse feel when a rider is crooked in the saddle? What is it like to go faster or slower, to round curves and travel straight, with an unbalanced load to carry? What goes through the horse's mind when he is over-flexed and over-aided...when he is forced into biomechanically unsound positions? What happens when a prey animal (the horse) must learn to defeat his own preservation instinct and perform on cue with a predator (humankind) clinging to his back? In this important book, Dr. Ulrike Thiel—a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, sport psychologist, dressage rider, riding instructor, judge, and Xenophon Society classical trainer—examines these important questions, and others. With the use of exercises and astute comparisons, Thiel gives readers an eye-opening tour of the realm of the ridden dressage horse, ensuring we all work to make the job of "being ridden" part of a mutual pursuit—a dance involving two engaged and caring partners, a friendship binding mind and body. Hardcover: 230 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (May 15, 2013)

  • Ride Better with Christoph Hess

    Ride Better with Christoph Hess BUY NOW on AMAZONPaperback Christoph Hess, a Fédération Equestre International (FEI) “I” Judge in both dressage and eventing, is highly respected around the world as a teacher of riding and the development of the horse according to classical principles. Here he collects some of his very best riding and training tips along with well-honed insight related to the topics that he finds most often challenge equestrians and their equine partners. Ride Better with Christoph Hess provides thoughtful, easy-to-apply advice when dealing with issues with the gaits, in particular the walk and canter; high-headedness or the horse that is “too light” in the poll; inconsistency of performance; leaning on the bit; falling out; lack of straightness; and much more. In addition, Hess breaks out particular skills and movements that often need specialized attention when in the dressage or jumping ring, and when going cross-country. Throughout Hess emphasizes that a rider must always strive to improve, for the simple reason that you can always do better for your horse. While competitive and training goals do, of course, bring a certain satisfaction, it is having an equine partner who is contented in his work and happy in your company that rewards most. This lesson, and all Hess's tips and solutions, are invaluable to equestrians of every level—everyone can walk away from this book a better rider. Paperback: 184 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (March 6, 2018)

  • Riding for the Team: Inspirational Stories of the USA's Medal-Winning Equestrians and Their Horses

    Riding for the Team:Inspirational Stories of the USA's Medal-Winning Equestrians and Their Horses BUY NOW on AMAZONKindle | Hardcover “To win for the USA.” Many young athletes grow up with a goal of reaching the Olympics and the glories of their sport’s highest levels. It is no different for equestrians, whether they ride English, Western, vault, or drive a carriage. Riding for the Team chronicles the lives of those who dreamed about competing for their country and “made it,” sharing inspirational stories from the international governing organization’s eight equestrian disciplines: show jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, vaulting, reining, endurance, and para-dressage. Readers are immersed in the fascinating histories of the medal-winning riders, drivers, and vaulters who have dominated American equestrian sport over the past 28 years, such as McLain Ward, Karen O’Connor, Debbie McDonald, and Tim McQuay. Athletes tell their stories and those of their horses during the years they honed their talent and dedicated their lives to representing their country in the Olympics, World Equestrian Games, World Championships, and Pan American Games. Beautifully illustrated with breathtaking photographs from prestigious competitions held around the world, Riding for the Team not only provides a dazzling record of American equestrian accomplishment, it promises to inspire the next generation of champions. Hardcover: 288 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (October 29, 2019) Read an...

  • Riding Through Thick and Thin: Make Peace with Your Body and Banish Self-Doubt--In and Out of the Saddle

    Riding Through Thick and Thin:Make Peace with Your Body and Banish Self-Doubt--In and Out of the Saddle BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Regardless of seat size, riding discipline, or the degree — or even truth — of the body issues with which they struggle, the scars on female self-image in our society run deep and wide. So with the humor and big-sisterly swagger that readers and reviewers have come to love, Melinda Folse, author of bestseller The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses, has decided to step in with a delightful, insightful, fulfilling new book. Riding Through Thick and Thin delves to the bottom of the issues that have long held women hostage, bringing together experts, research, resources, and stories to encourage, inspire, and empower. Readers will find some answers that may surprise them: Believe it or not, this is not about losing weight or getting fit (although if that’s a point of interest, there’s a section packed with helpful tools and ideas). This book is more about what’s going on in every woman’s mind — and it taps new findings in neuroscience to reveal that permanent change to deeply ingrained body image issues is not only possible, but it may be much easier than we think. Paperback: 432 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (December 29, 2015)

  • Riding with Oliveira: My Time with the Mestre - Forty Years Later

    Riding with Oliveira: My Time with the Mestre - Forty Years Later BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover The true Mestre is a person who directs and changes your life. Renowned champion of classical equitation principles and bestselling author Dominique Barbier names the revered Portuguese equestrian Mestre Nuno Oliveira as his. In this deeply personal book Barbier chronicles their time together. Beginning in a tiny, dimly lit riding hall in Póvoa de Santo Adrião, Portugal, where seminal moments of Barbier's riding education dawned under the watchful eyes of many luminaries of the European riding elite, the book then explores what came later when Barbier studied with the Mestre in Avessada and traveled with him to Belgium. Barbier's recollections are complemented by those of three other equestrians who learned from the Mestre: Dany Lahaye, Bettina Drummond, and Luis Valença. The result is a remarkable and insightful retrospective of one of the most extraordinary horsemen of all time. Hardcover: 200 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (November 20, 2018)

  • Saddle Seat Equitation

    by Helen K. Crabtree (Author). Saddle Seat Equitation is a book that concerns itself with the teaching of both horse and rider. Everything within these pages can be applied even to the most modest forms of horse riding and horse training. Paperback: 372 pages Publisher: Western International Inc; Revised edition (1999)

  • Saving Baby: One Woman's Love for a Racehorse

    Saving Baby: How One Woman's Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption - by Jo Anne Normile (Author), Lawrence Lindner (Author). Jo Anne Normile was not supposed to keep the foal, an exuberant Thoroughbred with only a few white hairs on his reddish-brown forehead. But she fell in love with the young horse, who had literally been born into her arms. The breeder finally said she could keep the colt, whom she nicknamed "Baby" – but only if she raced him. It was difficult to take Baby away from the safety of his pasture. Hardcover: 320 pages Publisher: St. Martin's Press (October 21, 2014) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Seabiscuit: An American Legend

    by Laura Hillenbrand (Author), Illus. with photos (Illustrator). Hardcover Publisher: Random House; 1ST edition (2001) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Secretariat

    William Nack (Author). “Secretariat is an elegantly crafted, exhilarating tale of speed and power, grace and greatness, told with such immediacy that the reader is lost in the rush of horses and the clatter and ring of the grandstand.” —Laura Hillenbrand, bestselling author of Seabiscuit. Updated with a new preface by the author. In 1973, Secretariat, the greatest champion in horse-racing history, won the Triple Crown. The only horse to ever grace the covers of Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated in the same week, he also still holds the record for the fastest times in both the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. Paperback: 480 pages Publisher: Hyperion; Reissue edition (August 31, 2010) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse

    by Robin Hutton (Author). New York Times Bestseller! From the racetrack to the battlefield—dauntless, fearless, and exemplar of Semper Fi—she was Reckless, "pride of the Marines." A Mongolian mare who was bred to be a racehorse, Ah-Chim-Hai, or Flame-of-the-Morning, belonged to a young boy named Kim-Huk-Moon. In order to pay for a prosthetic leg for his sister, Kim made the difficult decision to sell his beloved companion. Lieutenant Eric Pedersen purchased the bodacious mare and renamed her Reckless, for the Recoilless Rifles Platoon, Anti-Tank Division, of the 5th Marines she’d be joining. The four-legged equine braved minefields and hailing shrapnel to deliver ammunition to her division on the frontlines. In one day alone, performing fifty-one trips up and down treacherous terrain, covering a distance of over thirty-five miles, and rescuing wounded comrades-in-arms, Reckless demonstrated her steadfast devotion to the Marines who had become her herd. Hardcover: 368 pages Publisher: Regnery History (July 28, 2014) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Shoeing the Modern Horse: The Horse Owner's Guide to Farriery and Hoof Care

    Shoeing the Modern Horse: The Horse Owner's Guide to Farriery and Hoof Care BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover The must-have reference for effective and responsible shoeing for the good of the horse. All horses have four hooves that are integral to their overall health, their athletic ability, and ultimately, their longevity, whether their “job” is simply grazing in a pasture or competing at the highest levels. But not all horses are the same—the individual needs of each horse require an understanding of responsible, informed hoofcare on the part of the owner, rider, or trainer. This highly illustrated guide by one of the world’s leading minds in the area of farriery provides an unparalleled look at advances in shoeing and general hoof maintenance, with the goal of helping owners to comprehend the “whys” of certain choices, recognize variations in shoeing options, and become better consumers of horse shoes and horseshoeing all around. Steve Kraus, Head of Farrier Services at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and instructor at the Cornell Farrier School, is uniquely qualified to provide a varied and thorough exploration of hoof-related topics. Paperback‏ : ‎ 224 pages. Trafalgar Square Books (December 13, 2022)

  • Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown

    Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover This is the first book to focus on Sir Barton, his career, and his historic impact on horse racing. Author Jennifer S. Kelly uses extensive research and historical sources to examine this champion's life and achievements. Kelly charts how Sir Barton broke track records, scored victories over other champions, and sparked the yearly pursuit of Triple Crown glory. This book reveals the legacy of Sir Barton and his seminal contributions to Thoroughbred racing one hundred years after his pioneering achievement. Hardcover : 328 pages Publisher :Publisher : University Press of Kentucky; Illustrated edition (March 27, 2019) Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Small Town Secrets - the Horse Doctor Adventure Series

    Small Town Secrets - the Horse Doctor Adventure Series BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Carly Langley, an American born veterinarian, is living the dream. She has the perfect job as a horse vet living in a rural community with her two small children and devoted physician/husband. She has friends and social standing until her elderly neighbor and babysitter, Mrs. Miller, is found dead. Who or what killed Carly Langley’s beloved adopted grandmother? Carly’s life is changed forever in the aftermath of this tragedy. Who does she depend on to help her solve this mystery? Who can she trust? This town has secrets, and Carly is about to find out who her true friends really are. Paperback : 326 pages. Publisher :Publisher : Thorpe Boker (February 9, 2021)

  • Soaked Hay & Farrier Smoke: Where clichéd romances are the least of your worries...

    Soaked Hay & Farrier Smoke: Where clichéd romances are the least of your worries... BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Jen has always dreamed of seeing her byline above an exclusive scoop, but will her big career chance destroy the love of her life? He couldn’t really be involved in crime...could he? Soaked Hay & Farrier Smoke is the first book in the Smoke & Mirrors series. Paperback : 132 pages. Publisher : Nielsen ISBN (September 12, 2020) Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Spirit Horses

    by Alan S. Evans (Author). In the hills of Tennessee, Shane Carson, a gifted, nationally-recognized horseman, is living the good life. When a mysterious mustang shows up on his farm, Shane doesn't know how--or why--the horse appeared, but the horse's distinctive brand identifies her. She is one of the Spirit Horses, a rare, wild herd that runs free on the Shoshone reservation in Wyoming. Watched over for centuries in the tribe's ancestral valleys, these exquisite horses, according to belief, provide a link to the afterlife. When tragedy strikes in his life, Shane nearly loses his will to live--but for one promise he made to his young son: to return the mustang to her rightful home. On this bittersweet journey, Shane finds a world where tradition reigns, and ancient beliefs transcend modern logic. Paperback: 360 pages Publisher: Oceanview Publishing; 1 edition (October 5, 2013) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Spirit of the Warhorse: Kitty Silverwings, an Appaloosa Story

    Spirit of the Warhorse: Kitty Silverwings, an Appaloosa Story by Patti Ansuini (Author). A true story of courage, faith and a powerful love that refused to take no for an answer. Kitty Silverwings was born a descendant of the ancient lineage of legendary Native American Warhorses. In spite of being born completely shattered, she had a cool steady look that spoke of the fire of life, of God's miracles and a promise that she would never give up her battle for survival. Paperback: 138 pages Publisher: Xulon Press (November 19, 2013) KINDLE EDITION AVAILABLE

  • Stablekeeping: Safe and Healthy Horsekeeping

    Stablekeeping: A Visual Guide to Safe and Healthy Horsekeeping by Cherry Hill (Author), Richard Klimesh (Author). Learn to design and maintain a high-quality barn with this complete stablekeeping reference. Expert Cherry Hill draws on decades of horsekeeping experience to help you provide a safe, efficient, healthy living environment for your horse. Instructive text and more than 250 photographs cover topics such as stalls, tack rooms, work and storage areas, sanitation and pest control, feeding practices, safety, emergencies, and more. Series: Horsekeeping Skills Library (Book 3) Paperback: 160 pages Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC; First Edition edition (January 15, 2000) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • Stables: Beautiful Paddocks, Horse Barns, and Tack Rooms

    by Kathryn Masson (Author), Paul Rocheleau (Photographer), Perky Beisel (Introduction), Arthur Hancock III (Foreword). From the private to the historic to the state-of-the-art, a lavish tour of some of the most notable stables in the country. A celebration of horses and their "lodgings," this exquisite book covers horse country across the United States—from the East Coast to the Bluegrass, the prairie and mountain ranches, and to the Pacific Coast—and traces the origins of twenty-five stunning stables, from their vernacular beginnings in the early nineteenth century to the contemporary designs of today. Included are a farm in the countryside near Saratoga Springs, New York, which bears an 1830s-constructed main barn that originally housed draft horses and now accommodates retired race horses turned polo ponies. Hardcover: 256 pages Publisher: Rizzoli (April 6, 2010)

  • Stables: Majestic Spaces for Horses

    by Olga Prud'Homme Farge (Author), Alice De La Moureyre (Author), Gabrielle Boiselle (Author), Jean-Louis Gouraud (Foreword). This remarkable volume features stables from around the world offering unusual designs, beautiful detailing, and riveting equestrian history. This collection of the most beautiful and notable stables includes those at Europe's famed Spanish Riding School in Vienna as well as the stables at Versailles and those of the Queen. Additionally, the best stables of Asia and the Americas are included, such as the high-rise stables of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the stables of the storied Calumet Farm in Kentucky (home to countless Kentucky Derby winners), and a state-of-the-art stable in Mexico designed by the famed architect Luís Barragán. Anyone who loves horses and aspires to the equestrian lifestyle will treasure this book. Hardcover: 192 pages Publisher: Rizzoli (August 8, 2006)

  • Steeplechasing: A Complete History in North America

    Steeplechasing: A Complete History of the Sport in North America by Peter Winants (Author). This is the complete history of the sport in North America. And it's incredible. Compiled with a comb and a magnifying glass, this book is a masterpiece done with the broad swath of a paint brush and meticulous touch of a surgeon's scalpel. (Sean Clancy Steeplechase Times). Steeplechasing provides a long, colorful history of the sport and gives behind-the-scenes portraits of the horses, people, and places of the chase. From the 1800s, enjoy the reproductions of illustrations from colorful sporting journals, and enjoy the writing style of that era which was equally colorful. In more recent times, marvelous action pictures capture the excitement, beauty, and sometimes danger of the sport. It took Peter Winants six years to complete this definitive work of his career as a writer, journalist, and photographer, but in it he's captured just about everything of importance that's ever happened in American steeplechasing. (John Strassburger The Chronicle Of The Horse) Hardcover: 344 pages Publisher: Derrydale Press (August 16, 2000)

  • Still Horse Crazy After All These Years

    Still Horse Crazy After All These Years BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover Known for his wit, irreverence, and whip-smart observations on equestrian sport and its participants, three-time Olympian Jim Wofford's writing is as legendary as his performances in the saddle. Now he again brings his immense talent for telling tales—all of them (mostly) true—to the page in his autobiography. Wofford introduces some of history's great horses and the people who loved them as he strives to reach the top of the international eventing scene. Fascinating stories from his many adventures around the world contribute to this honest, funny, poignant read certain to entertain and educate every horse person. Paperback : 312 pages. Publisher : Trafalgar Square Books (May 18, 2021) Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Summer Circuit (Kindle Edition)

    Kim Ablon Whitney (Author). WARNING: CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. RECOMMENDED FOR AGE 16+ It’s the summer before college. Hannah Waer is on her own at the seven-week summer horse show circuit in Vermont. Her father wants her to learn independence and responsibility so she has to take care of her own horse—which might not be a problem if she’d ever picked out a stall, or prepared a horse for the ring. It also doesn’t help that her horse won't jump. When Hannah crashes (literally) into gorgeous and accomplished grand prix rider, Chris Kern, on her first day at the show, she’s certain her life is over. In fact, it’s just beginning. Print Length: 212 pages Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited Publisher: Stafford Road Books (December 8, 2014)

  • The Art of Liberty Training for Horses

    by Jonathan Fields (Author). Horse trainer Jonathan Field has made a name for himself with his unique ability to give people simple, understandable, doable steps that lead to working with a horse “at liberty” in a safe and progressive manner. True engagement with a horse at liberty isn’t just about removing tack and stepping outside the arena—it’s about connection, trust, and communication through movement. Enrich your relationship with your horse, improve your “feel,” and teach your horse to respond to the subtlest of cues; no matter your discipline, whether you compete or ride for pleasure, liberty training can change the way you interact with horses forever. Hardcover: 224 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (December 15, 2014) Language: English.

  • The Big Book of Miniature Horses

    The Big Book of Miniature Horses BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback The Big Book of Miniature Horses Everything You Need to Know to Buy, Care for, Train, Show, Breed, and Enjoy a Miniature Horse of Your Own, by Kendra Gale (Author). Pet, show-ring competitor, pasture companion, driving partner, patient therapy horse—the Miniature Horse does it all. But whether you dream of winning ribbons or just hanging out, it is vital to have a solid understanding of safe handling and proper stabling; grooming needs and feeding requirements; general care and management essentials; special health and wellness concerns; and basic training how-tos. In these pages experienced Miniature Horse breeder Kendra Gale of Circle J Miniature Horses provides the most complete Miniature Horse resource available. You not only learn the ins and outs of making a Miniature Horse a part of your life, you gain invaluable professional insight when it comes to buying and breeding, registering and showing, training and handling, and so much more. Paperback: 224 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books; 1 edition (October 10, 2017) Language: English. Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • The Essential Hoof Book

    The Essential Hoof Book BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover The equine hoof is a complex marvel of natural engineering, built to withstand tremendous forces and able to adapt to an astonishing range of environmental conditions. It also changes daily—for better or for worse—in response to external and internal factors. Few horse owners have the opportunity to acquire a deep understanding of the hoof, which limits their ability to advocate on their horses’ behalf and make informed decisions about hoof care and management. This book is the first resource of its kind to combine the most current and useful information available, gleaned from the research and wisdom of top hoof experts around the world, with a unique “hands-on” approach. Easy–to–follow language, over 400 full–color photographs, and do–it–yourself exercises promise to empower horse owners and caretakers of all experience levels with the tools they need to accurately assess hoof health and keep their horses as sound and happy as possible. Hardcover: 336 pages, Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books; 1 edition (October 10, 2017)

  • The Gates to Brilliance - How a Gay, Jewish, Middle-Class Kid Who Loved Horses Found Success

    The Gates to Brilliance - How a Gay, Jewish, Middle-Class Kid Who Loved Horses Found Success BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback An authentically honest and self-reflective promise of how a life lived with purpose and passion can yield greatness. “The gates to brilliance are surrounded by a cloud of sweat and tears.” That is what Olympic dressage rider and coach Robert Dover’s mentor, the revered Swedish equestrian Colonel Bengt Ljungquist, told him. It is a lesson that stuck—only with great passion and determination can one achieve success, and just maybe, happiness, too. In a fascinating book that reads like a potent elixir, three parts memoir and one part inspirational self-improvement guide, readers are ushered through 15 “gates to brilliance”—keys that Dover discovered as he made his way through his own life, from gawky, horse-crazy child to influential Olympic coach and entrepreneur. Sharing deeply personal stories that were fundamental to his evolution, Dover is candid about the path he took on his way to becoming one of the most successful equestrians in the world. Paperback ‏ : ‎ 296 pages. Publisher ‏ : ‎ Trafalgar Square Books (November 9, 2021)

  • The Horse Cure: True Stories: Remarkable Horses Bringing Miraculous Change to Humankind

    The Horse Cure: True Stories: Remarkable Horses Bringing Miraculous Change to Humankind BUY NOW on AMAZONKindle | Paperback ASHLEY was locked in closets as punishment, and physically and sexually abused, resulting in an angry and violent child who threatened her adoptive family―until she met Cocoa and Radar, the horses that helped her learn to trust again. BRENDA was diagnosed bipolar and lived through humiliating domestic abuse, but three horses―Delilah, Wiscy, and Diesel―helped her establish a sense of self-worth, hope for the future, and ultimately, the will to go on. Inspired by her own childhood trauma when she spent seven days in a coma, awakened to a severely compromised body and brain, and rebuilt her life with the help of a horse, Michelle Holling-Brooks founded Unbridled Change, a non-profit Equine-Partnered Therapy organization that helps match horses to individuals in need. Here she shares amazing stories of the people she’s worked with and the “horse cure” that changed their lives. Survivors of trauma, loss, illness, abuse, stress, and depression can face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But today, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that horses play a crucial role in therapy for those struggling with significant psychological and emotional challenges. Paperback: 184 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (May 15, 2019)

  • The Horse is My Teacher: Lessons from the Ranch: Training, Riding, Luck, and Love

    The Horse is My Teacher: Lessons from the Ranch: Training, Riding, Luck, and Love BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Stories from a rural working life that teach us how to be better horsemen—and better people. Van Hargis grew up in the saddle on an East Texas ranch, training his first horse at age 12 and eventually making a living starting cutting and reining colts, many of which would leave his hands to become champions. Naturally outgoing (labeled a “talker” by teachers in grade school), Hargis shared stories and lessons from his work with horses early on. Here, in his first book, he reaches out to readers with a collection of down-to-earth, highly relatable tales—experiences that, over the years, have impacted his own horsemanship and life in significant ways. Readers absorb fundamental knowledge of horses skillfully embedded in genuine anecdotes straight off the ranch. Paperback‏ : ‎ 184 pages. Trafalgar Square Books (October 25, 2022)

  • The Horses in My Life by Monty Roberts

    The Horses in My Life by Monty Roberts BUY NOW on AMAZON Paperback | Hardcover Trainer Monty Roberts, famous "horse whisperer" and author of The Man Who Listens to Horses (1997) and Shy Boy (1999), pays homage to the important horses in his life in this moving new book. Seeing life as a necklace--a circle with no beginning and no end--Roberts describes the horses that are attached to his necklace as significantly altering his life or as teaching him valuable lessons. Ginger was his first horse: the first one he rode and the first one he lost. Brownie taught him the invaluable lesson that kindness is a better training tool than cruelty, and a nameless wild mustang was the first to respond to Roberts' "join up" method of gaining a horse's trust. From helping Frank Sinatra and Britain's queen Elizabeth II with horses and saving a vicious horse (who later became a champion) to teaching a horse to load into a trailer by first teaching him to back up, Roberts leads both the reader and the horses he worked with through voyages of discovery. Full of autobiographical detail. Nancy Bent Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved Hard Cover‏ : ‎ 240 pages. Trafalgar Square Books; 1st edition (September 1, 2005)

  • The Key to the Quarter Pole

    Louisa Ferncliff is a fixer. She fixes horses with scrambled eggs for brains and counsels the lost little people on the backstretch of the racetrack. But her own life is a mess of impulsive decisions. Now, as she limps towards retirement with a quirky horse and an unethical protégé, she gets a surprising second chance at happiness.Paperback: 296 pages Publisher: Dementi Milestone Publishing (March 1, 2019)

  • The Man Who Listens to Horses: The Story of a Real-Life Horse Whisperer

    The Man Who Listens to Horses: The Story of a Real-Life Horse Whisperer BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover Monty Roberts is a real-life horse whisperer–an American original whose gentle Join-Up® training method reveals the depth of communication possible between man and animal. He can take a wild, high-strung horse who has never before been handled and persuade that horse to accept a bridle, saddle, and rider in thirty minutes. His powers may seem like magic, but his amazing “horse sense” is based on a lifetime of experience. In The Man Who Listens to Horses, Roberts reveals his unforgettable personal story and his exceptional insight into nonverbal communication, an understanding that applies to human relationships as well. He shows that between parent and child, employee and employer, abuser and abused, there are forms of communication far stronger than the spoken word that are accessible to all who will learn to listen. This new edition features engaging photographs, a chapter that traces Roberts’s amazing experience gentling with a mustang in the wild, and an Afterword about the remarkable impact this book has had on the world. Paperback ‏ : ‎ 258 pages. Ballantine Books (December 30, 2008)

  • The Modern Horseman's Countdown to Broke: Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps

    The Modern Horseman's Countdown to Broke:Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback It’s time to get real―that is, real, do-it-yourself horse training. Professional trainer Sean Patrick has created the ultimate guide to the “complete” riding horse—whether a performance, working, or “just for fun” prospect. Quite simply, you begin at Lesson Number 33 and count your way down through the basic exercises—the “primary education” —every horse needs. And when you get to Lesson 1, you’ve done it; you’ve prepared your horse for advanced work in any number of equestrian disciplines. You can’t get lost along the way. There’s no room for confusion. Sean clarifies the point and explains the gist of every step. The happy result? He trains you to be a trainer. Paperback ‏ : ‎ 258 pages. Trafalgar Square Books; 1st edition (August 1, 2009)

  • The Shadows of August

    by Denis Linehan (Author). A great lady once remarked, "All the characters are at the race track" She was right. Damon Runyon knew that, as did Ernest Hemingway, Dick Francis, Joe Hirsch, and many others. Search any shopping mall and you will be hard pressed to find the likes of Too Tall Teddy, Patricia the Planner, Diamond Earl, Shiner, or The Stranger. Even beglittered casinos fail to attract personalities one finds perched along the rail of a major racetrack like Saratoga. They're all there, each adding a new paragraph to the spectacle that crystallizes in August on Union Avenue. Come on in, everyone is welcome. Paperback: 306 pages Publisher: AuthorHouse (March 27, 2014) KINDLE EDITION Available

  • The Sport Horse Problem Solver

    The Sport Horse Problem Solver BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback A simple system for figuring out and fixing what’s wrong with a horse’s performance. Former international event rider Eric Smiley has brought along his own top-level horses for decades. Now he taps his immense knowledge to help riders whose horses may not have had "the right start." Every horse comes with his own “baggage”—behavior or training issues, minor or significant, that may be difficult to pinpoint or resolve. In these pages, Smiley addresses the most common problems he has seen over the years in dressage, eventing, and show jumping, including: Problems with head and neck position; Connection issues; Failure to follow the rules of forward, straight, and regular; Difficulty with collection; Lack of consistency. Paperback: ‎ 192 pages. Trafalgar Square Books (March 28, 2023) Read an excerpt from the book.

  • The Training Spiral

    The Training Spiral BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Hardcover Engaging new ways to understand and implement time-proven systems of horse training. The “Scales of Training,” “Training Scale,” and “Training Pyramid” are familiar terms to riders. Around the globe and across disciplines, equestrians hear reference to them as a part of their education. Dressage rider and trainer Sue Grice grew up with these concepts, too, and like many, found them to be not only fairly boring, but also confusing when it came to actually implementing them as part of daily training. Grice determined that this was because there was really no clear framework or methodology for implementing the system in a progressive manner. Hard cover: ‎ 168 pages. Trafalgar Square Books (April 18, 2023) Read an excerpt from the book.

  • The Ultimate Guide for Horses in Need: Care, Training, and Rehabilitation for Rescues, Adoptions, and Horses in Transition

    by Stacie G. Boswell DVM DACVS (Author) - A resource of astounding scope illustrating recommended management and retraining practices for horses and donkeys that have been ignored, neglected, abused, or starved. Whether given a second chance through purchase, adoption, or rescue, the horse in the “wrong” situation should have a chance to find his way to the “right one.” Veterinarian Dr. Stacie Boswell’s goal is to restore health and comfort to every horse in transition, and to help him learn how to function as the horse he is expected to be―from the Thoroughbred off the track to the grade pony from the field down the road. In the United States alone, it is estimated that almost 150,000 horses per year are “unwanted.” This number grows exponentially when you consider horses worldwide. Horses that are old, injured, sick, unmanageable, or fail to meet expectations deserve to be treated with dignity and given every chance for a comfortable life in the company of humans. Dr. Boswell’s book helps make this possible. Paperback: 264 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books; 1 edition (June 16, 2020)

  • The Wild Herd: A Vanishing American Treasure

    The Wild Herd: A Vanishing American Treasure BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover On the surface, this is a stunning photo exploration of the wild horses living at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. But at a deeper level, it is also an illuminating study of the human-like interactions among the bands of horses, as they move through the seasons and colors of the year and through the natural flow of their life cycles as well. At the heart of The Wild Herds is a passionate love affair. At the age of 3, Deb Kalas was swept into the world of horses, and right away she had a deep respect for their raw beauty and power, and she also had a keen sense of their guiding intelligence and family dynamics. Over the years, her love and understanding of horses only deepened. Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher : Val de Grace (October 15, 2019). Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Two Brains, One Aim: A Riding Coach's Key Concepts for Bringing Horse and Rider Together

    Two Brains, One Aim: A Riding Coach's Key Concepts for Bringing Horse and Rider Together BUY NOW on AMAZON Kindle | Paperback Riding well can be a puzzle. This book puts together the pieces, including: - How humans and horses learn. - Striving for partnership vs. dictatorship. - Early training and developing skills. - Demystifying equestrian-speak. - Dressage outside the arena. - Ground poles for the rest of us. - Jumping and cross-country tips. - Solving problems, wherever you ride. - Competition psychology. - Being coached and being a coach. “This book is aimed at riders, coaches, and anyone interested in learning more about how humans and horses interact. I have tried to harness my own experiences when I cover the three main disciplines―dressage, show jumping, and eventing―and how they relate to one another. I look at how those in a coaching position can guide riders to perform better by making their lives less complicated and more fulfilling, and I examine how riders can apply the same principles to training their horses and become self-sufficient. Paperback: 192 pages Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (January 15, 2019) Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

  • Yoga for Riders: Principles and Postures to Improve Your Horsemanship

    Yoga for Riders: Principles and Postures to Improve Your Horsemanship BUY NOW on AMAZON Hardcover A highly illustrated guide to simple exercises that help equestrians become more aware and conscious while improving strength, flexibility, and balance. Yoga teacher and horsewoman Cathy Woods explains how the meditative, mindful breathwork and lifestyle aspects of yoga traditions, as well as the postures, can be profoundly helpful in our interactions with horses. Over the course of her 30-year career, Woods has created teachings that are accessible to everyone—those who have practiced yoga and those who have not, as well as riders of different levels and disciplines. From wherever they are starting, her lessons offer readers life-changing benefits, Paperback : 216 pages. Publisher : Trafalgar Square Books (August 4, 2020) Read an excerpt from the book HERE .

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