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Deborah Kalas, The Wild Herd Excerpt

When I first began photographing wild horses, I knew very early on that I wanted to photograph the horses through the changing seasons, to show their character and their interactions through the changing weather and the changing colors and light.

I wanted to capture it all, even the life cycles of these magnificent animals: the tender newborns and their protective parents during the first buds of spring. The folly and growing rebelliousness of teens during the blazing heat of summer. The strength and swagger of maturing horses amidst the brilliant colors of fall. And even the resilience and dignity of the older horses in the crystal light and often brutal storms of winter.

Photographing in the wild requires great patience and readiness, but it’s often the unexpected actions I find intensely rewarding.

I feel at peace in the wilderness among all these wild things. Open spaces, no fences, together amongst the wild horses I feel like an explorer; like the photographer William Henry Jackson [1843-1942] first witnessing the American West through the lens of his view camera.

Through these pages I hope to honor wild horses everywhere and underscore their right to remain wild and free, just as they have for centuries. I hope too that by seeing the beauty of these wild horses, and understanding their behavior, readers will feel inspired to act on their behalf, protecting them as we would our own families, and treasuring them as a vital part of our American heritage.

About the Author

At the heart of this book is a passionate love affair: At the age 3, Deb Kalas was swept into the world of horses, and right away she had a deep respect for their beauty and power. Over the years, her love and understanding of horses deepened and in 2014 she made her first trip to photograph bands of wild horses running free. Her life was forever changed. She threw herself into photographing the wild horses and discovering how their habits and interactions move through the seasons and colors of the year and the seasons and colors of their lives. This book is more than a collection of deeply compelling photographs, it is a call to action, a silent prayer that encourages us to protect this unique part of our American heritage.

On the surface, this is a stunning photo exploration of the wild horses living at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. But at a deeper level, it is also an illuminating study of the human-like interactions among the bands of horses, as they move through the seasons and colors of the year and through the natural flow of their life cycles as well. Over the years, her love and understanding of horses only deepened.

Deborah Kalas
Deborah Kalas

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