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The Metropolitan police mounted department demo at Olympia Horse Show 2017 - Lady-shirakawa, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The Metropolitan police mounted department demo at Olympia Horse Show 2017 - Lady-shirakawa, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Olympia London international horse show is one of the greatest equestrian festive now named as London international horse show. It is held in the capital of the United Kingdom for over seven days as a pre-Christmas ritual. The best part of its competition is showjumping however horse showing driving mounted games dog agility and dressage are also part of it.


The first horse show was held at Olympia in 1907 and achieved massive popularity and halted only during two world wars. However, the show lost acceptance partially due to rising mechanization. Revived in 1972, the organizers decided to resort the show back to Olympia by handing out free tickets to run the festive again, which cannot be imagined in this era. The London International Horse Show which was planned to be held from 15-20 December at Olympia was canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions. There is a surge of Online betting in Colorado & around the world that is why state regulators made it legal and available since May 1st, 2020. Since then Coloradans can now engage in online betting via sports wagering!

Main Event of the Festive

Generally, the main part of the show takes place from Thursday to Monday just before Christmas. Moreover, two days Tuesday and Wednesday were added only to dressage, a few years back. While show jumping is the main feature of the rest of five days and each day consists of two performances- a matinee and an evening. On the other hand, the dressage days solely have evening performances.

Format of The London International Show

Mainly, the show has the same format for each performance; two international showjumping classes are intermixed with other competitions. The criteria of show jumping classes will be different while that of dressage days is the same. The organizing committee put great efforts to make equestrian the best entertainment to Olympia and the exhibitions between the competitive classes are usually full of amusement. Besides, attendees from the last few years are Metropolitan Police, Activity Ride, the world-famous Russian Cossacks, the king’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, and now the abominable Shetland Pony Grand National.

Also, the main purpose of Olympia is to bring the world’s best equine entertainment, and Father Christmas with his sleigh is always involved in the festive with a horse-drawn carriage. Almost, every session ends with dramatic performances, dancing, and singing also.


Olympia consists of a great shopping village, located around the main arena; contain all the things of equestrian’s interest and other beautiful gifts according to the festive season. Although Food outlets are also available yet prices of snacks and water are high so it is wise to take them from outside.

Every performance is scheduled in a way that has comfort breaks and time for shopping during the busy stands.

Ticketing and Boxes

Moreover, the sale of tickets starts in May and special nights sell out immediately, mainly the Saturday and Sunday nights which have jumping classes, the world cup, and the Grand Prix.

The best way to treat you with family or friends is to get a private box. These sizeable boxes are appropriate for 12 people and facilitated with a buffet for the matinee performance and a traditional dinner for the evening show. This is an amazing and enthusiastic way to have a great time with fellows.

The London international horse show is one of the well-known horse shows that give great value because of its remarkable timing- the week preceding Christmas. Olympia is a fun-loving event that involves entertainment for equestrians and a great exhibition for international riders. Besides Christmas shopping village and huge horsey festive add immense pleasure for the spectators.

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