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Cowgirl Lessons by Rae Rankin

by Rae Rankin

Named Best Children's Book at the 2019 Equus Film and Arts Festival!

For every kid who loves horses. Cowgirl Lessons is a charming story of a girl gathering her gear to head out to the farm and take her weekly riding lesson. From her exasperated mother digging her lost boot from her laundry mound to driving to the barn to see the horse she loves, this story paints the picture of one girl's devotion to horses. Cowgirl Lessons is inspired by a real girl, Duchess the horse, and all the little girls who took their first riding lessons on the sweetest horse ever.

Here's an excerpt!

The first thing I need is a great pair of jeans,
Momma found this pair in a cowgirl magazine.
These are the coolest blue britches I ever did own,
With a horseshoe on the pocket and tiny rhinestones.

From the depths of my closet I grab a clean shirt,
Not one that is covered in grimy, brown dirt.
I pick out my favorite, which is totally cool,
It says in bright letters, “Cowgirls Rule!”

I can’t find my left boot, it’s nowhere to be found,
I look under the bed and through my huge laundry mound.
Momma finds it real quick, she has eyes like a hawk,
I take it from her without as much as a squawk.

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Rae Rankin, Author

About the Author

Rae Rankin is a lifelong lover of reading, writing, and horses, Rae writes children’s books that celebrate family bonds, horses, and the people that are special in her life.

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