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Photo courtesy of Twitter/HorseandHound
Photo courtesy of Twitter/HorseandHound

There are certainly a number of riding disciplines, with some aiming to master a certain few for an amateur event and others needing to nail them all, given that they’re an aspiring professional horse person. Additionally, horse lovers tend to follow the latest news in the equestrian world and find out various aspects of a horse’s behavior and health. Essentially, whatever your link to horses is, there is a wealth of information available.

In the modern world in particular, horse enthusiasts certainly aren’t short on resources thanks to the rise of the internet. One notable area in the online environment where information is shared on a consistent basis is through the form of websites and blogs, with former riders offering an insight into a past life and horse enthusiasts sharing the latest developments on owning their first-ever horse. For some, horse racing is a particular favorite, too, with sites dedicated to horse racing tips providing a real insight into the sport in Australia ahead of placing a bet on one of the major events on the racing calendar. Put simply, whatever horse-related activity piques your interest, there is most definitely a website or a blog out there that will tickle your fancy.

In order to provide you with some additional content to help manage your horse or to become a professional rider in the future, let’s take a look at some of the must-read websites and blogs for horse lovers.


Featuring interesting articles for aspiring equestrians about the responsibilities of an owner around horse care, horse gear, and any equipment related to horse riding, HorseyCounsel provides an informative dive into modern-day equestrian news and views. Created by Louise Richards in 2020, the site offers fresh and intriguing takes on a comprehensive selection of subjects in this area.

Horse and Rider

For UK-based readers who enjoy horses, Horse and Rider is a go-to magazine. In fact, it’s officially the UK’s best-selling monthly publication that focuses on a variety of facets within this particular category, although most people subscribe to Horse and Rider for the fascinating interviews with top riders, trainers, vets, and behaviorists. For people who are passionate about horses, Horse and Rider is a solid choice.

Horses & Heels

As well as focussing on other areas, such as food and fashion, Horse & Heels has a dedicated section for horses and, more specifically, stable styles, products and tack. Providing a more casual glimpse into Raquel Lynn’s love of horses, the site claims to be an online lifestyle website for home, style, the barn and horse. Given her expertise in this particular area, Raquel Lynn’s work has been featured in a number of equestrian publications too, such as COWGIRL Magazine.

Bloodhorse Logo


Particularly popular with American readers, BloodHorse has been providing valuable information to professionals and racing enthusiasts for more than 100 years. For owners, breeders and trainers alike, BloodHorse is an excellent resource that keeps them up to date with the latest news, views and analysis from the thoroughbred sphere.

Horse & Man

A popular blog with a dedicated and loyal community of readers, watchers, and listeners behind it, Horse and Man used to be a well-liked television series before branching out into blogs and creating a great podcast. Covering a wide variety of horse-based topics, there is something for everyone on this informative site that is run by a dedicated horse owner.

Other options include Horse Nation, Equestrian Stylist, Haynet, Budget Equestrian, EquiPepper, Official Site of Stacy Westfall, Cob Jockey, Roosa’s Horsey Life, AnnaBlake Relaxed & Forward Blog, Decidedly Equestrian, Maria Cooke, BoysRideToo Magazine, Velvet Rider, and The Nervous Equestrian.

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