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2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery

by Roger and Rhonda Adams

Our Journey began on a date that, we agree, neither one of us really liked the other person. In spite of that rocky beginning, on March 2, 2019 we will celebrate 40 years of marriage that has been full of life, laughter, adventures, sickness and truly learning the art of communication. Communication is the key to a Journey will lived.

Like so many other couples from different worlds, I was part of the corporate world, and Roger life was already in construction.

We were told early on in our marriage that—for reasons no one could determine at that time—we could never have children. We worked through our feelings, and thus began the life of riding horse and mules. Still, we knew that something was lacking: we wanted more for ourselves. Roger and I both had been reared in church, but had gone through a season of playing church. Our shared realization, that we were missing something, led us back to our roots, and to renewing our commitments to Christ.

Starting in the 1980’s, we filled positions at our church as Youth Pastor and Administration Pastor for over 18 years. Even though we are not full-time staff, Roger and I both love to teach the Word and seeing people being taken from brokenness to wholeness.

On December 2, 1988, our world changed forever when I delivered a 7lb 2 oz baby girl. Talk about a life change: this was the happiest, most unexpected joy that we'd ever experienced! As our daughter grew, our lives changed drastically, of course: one of the things we gave up was riding. For many years, in fact.

Through the years, our daughter grew, graduated from college and got married. Several years later, she and her husband blessed us with a bundle of joy named Jack. Jack has absolutely captivated his Mimi's and Pop's hearts.

Today, we're at a place where at so many couples lose their way, and realize that they have nothing in common anymore. But we did have something wonderful in common. It had just been put on hold for a couple of decades.

We decided that the one thing that we missed the most was riding. Now, at this age I was ready for my first mule: and who knew I would love those big ole ears? So with this era of new loves (Jack, and mules), here begins the next leg of our shared journey. Roger and I both began trail riding with mules, and we saw a need. The need that we saw was that there existed no tack made for Mules. Now, Roger always faces a challenge head-on, so we founded our company, 2RMules (Roger and Rhonda: get it—"2R"?) We worked with a local man who guided us in producing a line of tack just for our mule needs. When 2RMules was growing we had several customers who realized as we did, that most saddles do not fit a mule. So we reached out to Bill and Bev of Wyoming Custom-Built Saddles, to help us find the best fit possible for hard-to-fit mules, horses and donkeys.

2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery 2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery

A few years after beginning our work together, Bill and Bev decided it was time to retire. They asked if we were interested in taking over Wyoming Saddlery, and of course, we said yes. To help us understand their business, Bill and Bev took us under their wings to mentor us through the transition to ownership. We officially purchased Wyoming Saddlery in January, 2015.

We kept the Saddlery's Website separate from that of 2RMules, but began the shared journey of 2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery to work together to meet the needs of riders of both mules and horses, as well.

This is where a story takes a little twist that has lasted now three years. As we prepared to leave for our first show as the new owners where we set up as vendors, I made a mistake and was "cow-kicked" in the forehead by one of our younger mules. At this time, Roger was still working in construction. Our goal was for him to retire so that we could travel, do more shows and meet more people.

But that night that I got kicked, he was running late. The mules were in their stalls, ready to eat. It was snowing that evening, so I bundled up, to help (being the wonderful wife I am). Our world was changed forever on that Friday night in February, as in my haste and good intentions—I received that hard cow-kick. As I flew through the air after the kick, I cried out to Jesus. Yes, I suffered a concussion.

2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery 2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery

Still we got into the truck the next morning and drove over 11,000 miles and did several shows before we realized that something was very wrong. God spared my life that night and, while I did not have a brain bleed, I had serious problems, still. By the grace of God, Roger's job took us to Florida, where I was put under the care of a new neurologist who diagnosed me with a post-traumatic concussion and inner ear concussion. I began physical therapy in July of 2017, and still go twice a week, but am progressing. I hope to go to just one day a week, perhaps by the middle of June this year. I also have doctor who is an acupuncturist. I get cranial therapy and chiropractic care, personal training and rowing class. These things together, working with my physical therapist are helping make me stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally.

2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery

This part of our journey has been long and exhausting, every day. But with the help of God and standing true to his Word, Roger and I together have fought this long battle. So, if you've called or stopped by to see us, and left with your head shaking because of something that was said or done—now you understand why. We have surrounded ourselves with two incredible ladies who help me with our brand-New Wyoming Saddlery Website (which we had to rebuild because someone in the cyber world deleted all our pictures) and our 2RMules 'site.

It all sums up to this: we started a business out of need, and found our hearts in something we love.

You will see the statement below on both 2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery 'sites, because it truly is our heart. We are proud to say that our products are made in the USA with the finest leather possible and craftsmanship.

Our heart is to sell you quality products for a reasonable price. We believe that when you are with your animals, you can let all the stress and pressures of your life be turned into a joyful experience.

Enjoy your journey,
Roger and Rhonda

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2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery 2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery
2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery 2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery

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