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5 Activities For Horse Lovers When You Can’t Ride

There is no greater feeling than riding a beautiful horse out in nature, but sadly this is not always possible. For times where you are unable to ride for one reason or another, there are a few excellent alternative activities which should scratch the itch and allow you to still feel closely connected to horses.

After all, equestrian is a way of life for many people who spend most of their day thinking about their favorite pastime.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you may want to consider any of the following activities if you are not able to ride that day.

1. Watch Horse Films

The great beauty of horses has been a key part of many fantastic films over the years, and this is the perfect activity for a rainy day. There are many different films to consider where horses and horse riding is a major feature of the film - a few good examples include Dreamer, Seabiscuit, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and The Horse Whisperer.

2. Read An Equestrian Book

Similarly, you could find an intriguing equestrian book on Good Reads to get stuck into which might teach you more about your favorite hobby. There are endless options here so you should always be able to find something that takes your fancy.

A few popular choices include Centered Riding, How to Think Like a Horse and Know Better to do Better.

3. Online Betting

Online betting at places like Unibet is another activity that equestrian lovers will find enjoyable as it provides a similar thrill to riding a horse. Not only this, but you may also be able to find horse betting opportunities or virtual horse riding games to try.

4. Upgrade Your Clothing & Equipment

You should always be on the lookout for new clothing and equipment, and this can be a good way to spend your spare time if you are stuck indoors all day. In particular, having riding boots made to measure is a great idea as these will give you an extra confidence boost, and they can feel fantastic to wear while riding.

5. Spend Time With Horses

Instead of going for a ride it can sometimes be a nice change simply to spend time with your horse. This allows you to tend to their needs and strengthen your connection which can make all the difference when you are on a lengthy trail ride. Horses are beautiful, social and majestic creatures, so it can be therapeutic and beneficial to spend quality time with them without taking them out for a ride. Read more at One Green Planet.

Equestrian is a way of life for many people and something that dominates their day. You do not always need to go out for a trail ride to indulge your passion and the above are just a few alternative activities to try the next time you do not feel like going out for a ride or if you are unable to. These activities will still help you to feel connected to horses and equestrian, and only further your interest in this classic pastime.

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