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Secretariat (Photo courtesy of Flickr)
Secretariat (Photo courtesy of Flickr)

Horse racing has always been a popular pastime among people. Since humans first domesticated the horse over six millennia ago, we’ve been finding more intriguing and complex ways to race the animals. A notable variation on horse racing, dating back to the ancient world, is chariot racing. The sport was incredibly popular throughout human history, though especially in Rome and Egypt.

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USA’s Race Horses

The United States has had quite a history with horse racing. Some of the greatest names in the world of equestrian athletes come from the USA. And with events like the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Day at the Races, who can be surprised?

In this article, we would like to take a look at some of the greatest horses in history, who have stomped the track at the US’ most notable events. We will discuss their achievements, their greatest moments, and why they deserve to be called “one of the greatest of all time.”


In the early-to-mid 20th century, horse racing was at an all-time high. Races were generating incredible revenue, and equestrian athletes were earning exorbitant amounts of money. And in that highly-competitive world, Seabiscuit still stood apart. So much so, that he was the top-earning horse throughout the 1940s. His greatest achievement came in 1937, when he faced off against a fellow champion, and an excellent Thoroughbred in his own right, War Admiral. Seabiscuit defeated the Admiral by four lengths, which earning his the “Horse of the Year” title in 1938.

Numerous films have been made about Seabiscuit, including the 2003 classic, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Man O’ War

One of the greatest horses to never race in the Kentucky Derby, Man O’ War was among the first three Triple Crown winners. Famous for his wild and violent temper, Man O’ War won 20 out of the 21 career starts. He dominated the Belmont Stakes and the 1920 Preakness, and remains one of the most notable horses in history.

The Secretariat

Finally, we can’t discuss great equestrian athletes without bringing up the cream of the crop. The Secretariat’s fame was so great, that he was included on ESPN’s list of top 20th century athletes, to date remaining the only equestrian athlete to achieve such an honor.

Upon his birth, the Secretariat was called “too beautiful for the track.” And while he certainly was a gorgeous horse, he proved to have a champion’s heart. In his time, the horse set the record in all three of America’s Triple Crown races, and to this day holds the dirt racing record in North America. He is truly one of the greatest horses to have ever run the track.

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