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Wagering on Horse Racing in South Africa

There are a few unique things about wagering on horse racing in South Africa.

  • Two exclusive operators: There are only two exclusive horse racing and tote operators in South Africa: Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Ltd. and Gold Circle (Pty) Ltd. This means that all bets placed on horse racing in South Africa are pooled into a single TAB.
  • Fixed odds and pari-mutuel betting: Both fixed odds and pari-mutuel betting are popular in South Africa. Fixed odds betting is when you bet on a horse to win, place, or show, and you know your potential payout before you place the bet. Pari-mutuel betting is when all bets on a race are pooled together, and the winners are paid out based on the percentage of the pool that their horse won.
  • The Scoop 6: The Scoop 6 is a popular pari-mutuel bet in South Africa. To win the Scoop 6, you must correctly predict the winners of the six selected races. The Scoop 6 is a very high-stakes bet, but it can also be very profitable if you win.
  • The Tote: The Tote is a pari-mutuel betting system that is used for horse racing in South Africa. The Tote is a pool of all bets placed on a race, and the winners are paid out based on the percentage of the pool that their horse won. The Tote is a popular betting option because it offers higher payouts than fixed odds betting.

Overall, wagering on horse racing in South Africa is a unique experience. The two exclusive operators, the popularity of fixed odds and pari-mutuel betting, and the Scoop 6 all make South African horse racing a bit different from horse racing in other countries.

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