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Horse Race Betting Made Easy

Did you know that horse racing is third on the list of most popular sports to bet on in the U.S.? It is pretty impressive when you think about the fact that horse racing comes 26th with regards to the number of people watching it. The main reason behind this is that people don't usually watch horse racing because of the sport itself but the thrill they get from betting on it. And it can also be quite profitable if you know what you are doing. This article is for a beginner who is completely clueless about the process and doesn’t even know that dark horse betting is when a lesser known horse rises to popularity beating other competitors in a race. To help you, we’ll discuss some useful tips that will take your horse race betting skill to the next level.

Beginner Tips for a Better Horse Race Betting Experience

It was back in the 1600s when the first organized horse races started in the U.S. The most common misconception among people is that horse betting is all about trusting your gut and waiting for your luck to work wonders, but it isn't exactly that. There are so many different aspects of horse racing that you need to think about before betting on a horse. Follow this guide thoroughly, and hopefully, it will help you profit from your betting experience.

Figure Out the Most Popular Horse

The betting odds often play a significant role in detecting the winning probability of each individual horse participating in a race. In most cases, you will find that the horse with a shorter price is probably the one people are betting on most. Also, keep in mind that popularity is often considered with higher winning chances, too, and thus, as a beginner, it is not such a poor move to bet on the crowd favorite.

People who become a little bit experienced at horse betting keep a close track of the betting odds of the horses and study their rise and fall. They have proper knowledge of which horse is worth betting on and which isn't. Thus, it is also a good decision if you know someone who is an expert at horse race betting, to rely on their insight.

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Do Some Homework

You cannot come unprepared for horse race betting. If you want to win, you need to learn the art of picking a horse. You should get a racing program which can be purchased at the track or even the track's website. Here, you will find all the necessary information like past performances, saddle towel color, silks, trainer, jockey, and odds. As a beginner, you might feel that all you see in front of you is jargon because of so many statistics, but you will soon learn to read a program with a little bit of patience. Another important point to keep in mind apart from your homework is the horse's temperament on the day of the match as it plays a huge role in its chances of winning. You should also check the horse's condition. This includes not only its behavior but also its physique. Undisturbed and relaxed horses often have higher chances of winning.

When you do the homework, keep an eye on which horses have been consistently making it to the top three. It is often an excellent indicator and narrows down your list as to who has a chance of winning. But don't let yourself get distracted – every race is different. There is no guarantee that just because a horse won the last time, it's going to win again. For example, there might be instances where you notice a horse is performing better on a dirt track compared to a turf. These patterns are extremely helpful while choosing the horse.

Select the Best Combinations

While betting on horse racing, you need to keep in mind the horse's overall performance instead of being too concerned about certain specific aspects. Thus, you need to know about the horse's jockey and trainer. The horse's compatibility with both of them matters a lot. In fact, the horse-trainer-jockey combination is often a determining factor in whether a horse is going to win or not. Therefore, before you place your bet, it's better to know whether the horse you are betting on is worth the bet or not.

Make Realistic Choices

Sometimes it can be tempting to be a bit rogue and bet on an underdog who is supposedly going to make it big in the coming race. But in reality, things don't work that way. If you are just a beginner, it is always advisable that you start small and then not let your funds finish up in a single bet. If you want the most out of your betting experience, you also need to slowly accumulate the funds. If you bet on multiple horses but without any knowledge of the same, it might become unpredictable, thus fetching you huge, unprecedented losses.

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There is no guaranteed win or loss in horse race betting. Both of them go hand in hand, and you simply have to be careful about not losing all your money in the betting. Research always has value when it comes to horse race betting. If your research is solid, then you will have a lesser chance of being on the wrong side of the spectrum. An informed decision regarding where you want to bet can help you steer clear of any regret since you now have gained a lot of profits.

Also, don't forget to make a fixed budget for horse race betting. If you don't have a fixed budget, it will be problematic for you to control your cash. Always check your financial situation before placing a bet. You should also have a pre-fixed limit on how much you want to put at stake in every bet. This way, you will not be overspending your money. Each stake can ideally be 3% of your bankroll.

Millions of people take part in horse race betting in the U.S., but not everyone takes it seriously. So, take it one step at a time, learn the intricacies and then make your first bet.

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