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Whether you’re a dedicated rider or you simply have a passion for horses, there is so much horse-related material to get through. People offer their own personal experiences through blogging, there are magazines to read, YouTube videos to watch, forums to join, and even horse-related games to play. In fact, Android gaming is particularly popular right now.

Be it through a tablet device or a mobile phone by Samsung, there are a range of games that are dedicated to horses. Some titles offer a racing aspect, while others feature horses throughout. These games are typically fun and entertaining while also providing a convenient gaming opportunity for people to experience as this portable gaming package can be sampled pretty much anywhere.

As people with an affinity with horses continue to sample an array of Android releases, let’s take a look at some of the very best options below. All of the games featured are accessible on tablets or smartphones, while some games can even be explored via an internet browser.

Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge is excellent

One of many games that has transitioned over to the mobile category of gaming after shining on PlayStation and Xbox, alongside a few other gaming platforms, Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge is one of the most elaborate and impressively detailed horse racing games available to sample right now. Offering crisp graphics, exciting gameplay, and even the opportunity to manage your very own racing facility and grow your reputation in the process, this racing masterpiece is excellent. You can even race up to 8 players in real-time, too. Overall, if you’re after a racing-themed game, then Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge is definitely one of the better options.

Online Horse Racing Games

Red Dead Online is an open-world masterpiece

While Red Dead Redemption games aren’t strictly for horse lovers, there are enough horse-related adventures to embark on in this glorious open-world masterpiece. This much-loved console product is now thriving on mobile devices, although it does require an Xbox Game Pass to be able to sample it at the time of writing. If you can manage to obtain one, then you’ll be able to explore this cowboy-themed title that has managed to earn glowing reviews over the years. There are quests to complete, rival cowboys to take out, and a whole lot more in this wild west classic.

Playing Happy Hooves is fun

Alongside the downloadable products are a wide range of browser games that offer a strong horse theme. One of the most enticing titles in this area is Happy Hooves, a game with clean graphics and an all-round entertaining offering. Playing Happy Hooves is fun, it’s easy to get the hang of, and there are some world-class features to make the most of. Saddling up and getting ready for a horse-themed extravaganza is well worth it in this one, with Pragmatic Play bringing another top product to gaming audiences.

Horse Riding Tales: Wild Pony is a lovely release

If you’re keen to supplement your horse riding adventures in the real world with the occasional ride in a virtual environment, then you’ll probably enjoy Horse Riding Tales: Wild Pony. Enabling gamers to take part in competitions around dressage or show jumping, as well as having the opportunity to enjoy a casual ride in a wild location, this pleasurable game is a joy to sample and offers plenty of plus points for horse lovers to engage in. Along the way, you can even tame up to 90 breeds of horses. Overall, given the wide range of things you can do in the game, Horse Riding Tales: Wild Pony is a great option.

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