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The Bill Picket Invitational Rodeo - photo by Gabriela Hasbun
The Bill Picket Invitational Rodeo - photo by Gabriela Hasbun

Equine Info Exchange celebrates Black History Month with articles exploring the culture of the Black Cowboy and the evolution of the Ebony Horsewoman. With a diverse audience, EIE welcomes the opportunity to support the deeper understanding of the roles and history of black equestrians.

Capturing the Vibrant Culture of Black Cowboys, by Gabriela Hasbun, is about the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo which celebrates the black men and women keeping the cowboy tradition alive.

"Initially, I was fascinated by the young cowboys and cowgirls who were fluent in both technology and tradition, something I was not expecting to witness. Later, I started meeting older cowboys who have been keeping black cowboy history alive in the West… As I returned to document these riders, I quickly realized how few people even knew of their existence, much less their cultural and historical significance. More than 8,000 black cowboys rode in the great Western cattle drives of the late 1860s. Black cowboys were renowned for their ability to ride the nastiest horses that white cowboys wouldn’t ride. The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo is named after the man credited with inventing bulldogging, the precursor to the modern rodeo event of steer wrestling. The Bill Pickett rodeo, founded by Lu Vason in 1984, is the only touring black rodeo in the country and this year visits Memphis, Tennessee; Oakland and Los Angeles, California; Atlanta; and Washington, D.C."

Equestrian Diversity Project Spotlight: Ebony Horsewomen was founded by Patricia E. Kelly in 1984. Ebony Horsewomen, Inc., was initially conceived as a cultural enrichment organization. EHI is comprised of African American female equestrians who operated community programs and competed in rodeos. EHI has morphed over the years into a comprehensive equine educational and therapy program.

Ebony Horsewomen's equine youth programs provide young men and women with a comprehensive education that promotes STEM learning, as well as equestrian skills such as horsemanship training, anatomy and psychology, husbandry and research, and equine-assisted growth and learning. You can find them in our section on Youth Outreach Organizations.

EHI also offers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for veterans as well as first responders. Their clinical staff recognizes the usefulness of horses in understanding how clients interact with people while patients gain self-awareness by the immediate feedback which a horse provides. They are included in our section on Therapeutic Riding which has listings for every state in the US and a section for International resources.

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