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Cal Middleton Horsemanship Clinic
Friday, March 15, 2024 - Sunday, March 17, 2024

Contact: Brian / Paula 919 427-7853

There are many out there today offering a variety of services, but Cal may stand alone as one who has a true understanding of the good and bad of the show horse arena reaching high levels of success himself, has real world experience on farms and ranches, and understands the depths of true horsemanship being able to teach it to others while always keeping the horses’ best interest in mind.

Cal published his first book in 2016, started the Horses and Life podcast in 2019 and has contributing author to many equine magazines for over a decade.

Cal has a passion for children and has worked full time as a behavioral implementor and consultant inside schools and homes. He also worked 8 years as a high school wrestling coach, among many other jobs in the real world.

Cal is a past president of the Heart of America Brangus Association and a former judge for the National Reining Horse Association. He is a lifetime member of the AQHA, NRHA, ASHA, ApHC, APHA, IBHA, ACHA, and many others.

The HORSEMANSHIP class is a continuation of the foundation class. In the Horsemanship class, we start mounted and only do a small amount of groundwork if deemed necessary for safety. The class consists of gaining better control of our horses feet through feel, timing, and balance. We work on building confidence with our horses, and helping the riders and horses react favorably to stressful and exciting situations. We work on straightness, different forms of transitions, and ways of moving the hindquarters and the front end. Cal will take into consideration, the riders in each clinic and adjust accordingly. Those who are only able to attend the Horsemanship class are encouraged to come and audit the Foundation class at no extra cost, in order to have a deeper understanding of their horses.

Reidsville, NC

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