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Liz Mitten Ryan is an expert in horse herd language, liberty horse training, communicating and connecting with horses, horse and animal communication. She offers Horse Healing retreats, equine healing certification and liberty training retreats through She is the co-author of four award winning spiritual horse books with her herd of horses, her dogs, cats and a pet steer. When Liz moved to Gateway 2 Ranch in 1999, she embarked on a life changing journey. The 320 acres of untouched forests, meadows and lakes, became the pasture and home to Liz and her herd of Warmblood horses.

Equinisity Retreats

EIE: Equinisity is more than just a vacation - is a unique form of horse therapy. For those new to horse therapy, please share more about it.

LMR: Our program was completely inspired by the horses. They are a one family group who have been born here They are very like a wild herd as they have not had any human interference, but are trusting and open to humans. The horses are at liberty to teach and heal as they choose and they choose unique and amazing ways to do so.

EIE: Tell us about some of the most compelling and transformational experiences people have had at Equinisity. Anything which completely surprised you?

LMR: Everything surprises me as it is different for each person who comes here. We have been getting some tough cases yet the horses uniquely work with each individual in surprising ways. One lady came fresh out of chemo and the horses kept tipping her head and blowing in her left ear for long periods. Another lady came a year after chemo and the horses did the same thing to her. That was the first time I had seen the horses do that.

Equinisity Retreats

Another lady arrived and the horses all began telling me there was something with her lower back, legs and lower body. I asked her if she had any injuries there and she answered "No, I don't think so…at least I don't remember." Well that prompted Luxy our schoolmaster and grand-children's horse who has never done this before to bite her in the butt as she was passing… Well, no bruises but that awakened the muscle memory of several, and through many years, experiences that she wouldn't allow herself to release, all held in that area.

She had just about severed her lower legs, broken an ankle and had had countless trauma to her backside. The horses kept holding up their legs and touching them, putting their feet on stools she had sat on and Crystal repeatedly did the strangest thing I have never seen a horse do and I didn't think was possible. Every time the lady came near her she lifted her back legs one by one out to the side at a 45 degree angle and then did a bunny hop backwards for about six feet?? She did this the whole visit and I have not seen her do it ever before or since!

EIE: We understand that Equinisity stands on sacred land and has a one family herd who are born here.

LMR: We live on 320 acres of magical land with ‘Dragon’ energy in Geomancy language. It is all about metamorphosis and manifestation. There are rivers of underground crystals, vortices and powerful trees and rocks. The people who come here all have life changing experiences through their connection to the land and the horses who have all chosen to be born here and bring forth this message.

EIE: You are filming a movie. Please tell us about it!

LMR: In June is filming a movie titled “One Heart, One Mind - Accessing One Consciousness with Nature and Horses” We will be interviewing several famous horse vets, scientists and pioneers in horse/human connection and following them through an Equinisity Retreat.

EIE: Equinisity will be hosting a retreat with Elsa Sinclair of "Taming Wild" from July 2nd through 9th. How did you connect with Elsa?

LMR: Actually Elsa connected with me several years ago and I backed her Kickstarter video as I was so excited about her story. The Elsa retreat will include the regular Equinisity retreat with an overlay of how she trains with no tack and a showing of her movie.

EIE: What do you hope people achieve from a stay at Equinisity?

LMR: I hope they achieve a completely new connection with their heart, their truth, intuition and life path and consequently a whole new life… and a completely new respect for animals as spiritual equals (or possibly superiors)

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