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Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms

by Liv Gude

The dollar store can be a great resource for some of your barn needs in a one stop shop – saving you money and time. Many of these items can be found in other stores, but when you can pick up fake flowers for jumps and baby wipes for cleaning in the same store, why drive all over town? Below are a few of the best things to pick up at your local dollar store – your horse will thank you!

Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms

For organizing and cleaning the barn, tack, and maybe even your horse

Microfiber car cleaning gloves will remove the last bit of dust from your horse, your tack, the top of your tack trunk, you name it. The glove design makes swiping the dust away easy.

Microfiber cloths - like the car cleaning mitt, are great for everything, just a different shape and able to get into nooks and crannies.

Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms

Double sided scrubby sponges. Good for water buckets, feeders, bits, hooves, super dirty tack.

Dish gloves are super for scrubbing buckets and feeders, especially in winter. The gardening gloves would be great for blister prevention and a bit of warmth when you are in a stall cleaning marathon.

Stackable storage containers. The varying sizes and shapes can help you group like items to be easily retrieved from your tack trunk. Think small containers for braiding kits size things, larger containers for leg wraps and boots.

Miscellaneous items that are fun, cute, and perhaps you need them, perhaps you don’t.

Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms

Fake flowers! Great for jumps, dressage letter boxes, tack room prettiness, covering up the real plants that are no longer surviving.

Socks. These are great when you cut the toes open, you can use them for your horse’s lower legs, and also good for a spare set when the wash rack attacks and you are squishy with every step.

Plastic wrap for poultice, leg sweats, and leftover cookies. Just kidding, there’s no such thing as leftover cookies at the barn.

Awesome barn worthy dinner ware. This stuff is safe - no glass to break, and washable. And not so expensive that you will feel bad if the barn dog runs off with it and buries it.

Measuring cups for perfect grain measuring, and even serving spoons for mixing up meds, supplements, and treats.

For the vet kit and grooming box, you can find bargains galore at the dollar store.

Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms

Diapers and baby wipes. A staple to have, diapers are great for wounds and also packing hooves.

Aloe vera gel. Great for human and equine sunburns, as well as scrapes, cuts, abrasions. A must for your first aid kit.

Peroxide – Both alcohol and peroxide are horrible for wounds, they actually increase tissue damage. BUT – peroxide can be great for stain removal of your horse’s laundry.

Cotton balls are great for dabbing on ointments and lotions. For both human and equine use.

Washcloths are amazing for everything. Washing faces, cleaning tack, you name it.

Baby oil is great for post bath rinsing, a few drops in a bucket of water applied with a sponge can give your horse some shine.

Combs and brushes can be added to your braiding kit, as can yarn and rubber bands for braiding. You may also find seam rippers and a yarn pull through to complete your kit.

With a little imagination and a small budget, you can stock up on lots of things for your horse at the dollar store. And don’t forget snacks and candy for shows, and maybe some peppermints for your horse!

Liv Gude, ProEquine Grooms

About the Author

Liv Gude was a Professional Groom, starting her grooming career with Olympian Guenter Seidel. After years of grooming, Liv saw the need to bring professional Grooms and horse owners together in a supportive and educational manner. In 2011 she founded, an on-line resource that provides information about grooming, horse care, and employment in the horse industry. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University, and spends her days at the barn riding her Grand Prix horse and writing!

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Editor's Note: These days the "Dollar Store" might be more like the "Dollar &Twenty-Five Cent Store!"

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