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Holiday Wish for a Horse Named Sam
Holiday Wish for a Horse Named Sam

Holiday video raises awareness of horse rescue challenges.

Shoreview, Minn. [December 21, 2016] – Deeply caring for animals does not have a season for anyone who raises them – whether they do so for fun or a career. But, during this holiday season, Purina Animal Nutrition encourages all to think about the wishes of animals – and the expressed and unexpressed needs they have.

The emotional connection between animals and people inspire us, drive us, challenge us and reward us. In return, the inner passion, love, a sense of accomplishment and sense of purpose our animals bring can be the greatest reward of all.

Our team at Purina Animal Nutrition believes in the greatness in every animal. But before animals can reach their full potential, they need a good home which provides the right nutrition.

Unfortunately – as an example – thousands of horses across the United States are in need of new homes. This holiday season we ask you to help us raise awareness by sharing the story of Sam, a horse whose only wish is to find his person for Christmas. Thankfully, Sam’s wish comes true.

Together we can help the wish come true for horses across the U.S. and all other animals deserving the human nurturing they need to live their greatness. At the same time, millions of farmers, families and children are caring for these special animals. It is our challenge to recognize, support and encourage this bond and commitment.

To support horse rescues or to find a horse available for adoption, visit our partner, A Home for Every Horse, at or go here.

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