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Jeff Bezos rides a horse into a shop in Aspen, Colo. (Instagram screen grab via @kemosabe1990)
Jeff Bezos rides a horse into a shop in Aspen, Colo. (Instagram screen grab via @kemosabe1990)

by Kurt Schlosser

We’ve seen his lucky cowboy boots kicked up against the side of a Blue Origin crew capsule, and now Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has actually hopped aboard another mode of transportation to show off his Western chops.

Bezos was captured on New Year’s Eve in Aspen, Colo., riding a horse into a Western apparel store called Kemo Sabe. In a short video on Instagram, the shop said, “Now that’s how you make an entrance!” before adding that the world’s richest person “looked pretty damn good on a horse.”

Wearing a puffy snow jacket and blue jeans, Bezos tipped his cowboy hat after riding into the store. A photo from The New York Post’s Page Six showed Bezos and the horse exiting the store.

Page Six also reported that Bezos is friends with Kemo Sabe owner Tom Yoder and that the horse, named Bean, was hitched outside.

Bezos’s brother Mark Bezos was also photographed on the horse in the store.

Kurt Schlosser
Kurt Schlosser

Writer and editor Kurt Schlosser covers the Geek Life beat for GeekWire. A longtime journalist, photographer and designer, he has worked previously for NBC News, and the Seattle P-I. Follow Kurt on Twitter or reach him at This article originally appeared on Geekwire and is published here with permission.

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