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Because It Takes My Breath Away: Mexican Photographer Fernanda Garza Shares Her Passion Of Horses & Photography

by Shya Beth

When asked how Fernanda Garza knows that she has the perfect shot, she answers simply: “Because it takes my breath away, and it makes me feel the way that I felt in the moment when I was photographing the horse.” It’s easy to see the passion, dedication to excellence and years of skillful practice that Fernanda has put into her photography through each and every image that she takes. Much more than just clicking away on her camera, Fernanda creates her sublime images by going over every detail to perfection, carefully crafting a unique visual experience through every image for each over her viewers.

Born and raised Monterrey, Mexico, Fernanda has grown up in a creative family, and as soon as her father gifted her a camera she was hooked. Spending a large amount of her childhood behind the lens, Fernanda developed a keen interest for photography - particularly around horses.

Photo by Fernanda Garza

Photo by Fernanda Garza

Photo by Fernanda Garza

In this weeks article, I am excited to share with you more about this proficient photographer and her equine art – read on for her exclusive Q&A about all things horses and photography.

AOTH: What jump started your interest in photography?

FG: My interest in photography started very early in my childhood when I saw my grandfather and my uncle take photographs. I was fascinated. My first camera was given to me by my father, and I began taking photography classes when I was very young. So you could say I was in a way born into photography, and then developed my eye as time passed.

Photo by Fernanda Garza

AOTH: Have you always been interested in horses and do you ride?

FG: It is an interesting story. Yes, I do ride. I am a Dressage rider, currently in third level nationally, in Mexico. Horses are deeply imprinted in me. So much so that I am working on a project called “Genetic Isomorphisms”, as a thesis. It is an introspection of my passion for horses that questions its origins. How does it began? Is it genetically induced, or is it my life experience with them that has led me to love them so much?

Photo by Fernanda Garza

AOTH: Do you take photos of horses only or other animals, too?

FG: I am completely an equine photographer. I love the different approach of each breed, each one with a unique gait, characteristic, and coat. I have made it my mission to photograph every breed in their native place, as I believe culture, and the horse’s relationship with humankind is most important, I also shoot all kinds of equestrian sports, portraits, closeups, macro shots of eyes, hooves, hair. I use every part of the horse to show my love for it.

Photo by Fernanda Garza

AOTH: What inspires you?

FG: What inspires me the most is, the strength of the muscles as they move, also the expression of a horse, how it can be so peaceful and profound, yet wild and mysterious at the same time.
Also the fierceness of stallions, how they express themselves.

Photo by Fernanda Garza

AOTH: Any wise words for other artists?

FG: I would say to other artists to never give up, never say you aren’t good enough, and always, always think highly of your work. Remember that you were given a gift for a reason, and you must make the most of it.

Photo by Fernanda Garza

AOTH: Any upcoming exhibits or other projects?

FG: On Thursday, August 8th, 2019, I have my final exhibition for my degree as a photographer on the project mentioned above.

Photo by Fernanda Garza

AOTH: Do you work in any other mediums?

FG: No, but I am experimenting with artistic installation and other media such as sublimation.

Photo by Fernanda Garza

AOTH: Would you share a fun fact or two about yourself?

FG: I have a horse breed to photograph bucket list and a horse breeds to be ridden bucket list. So far the breeds that I have ridden are:
Quarter Horse
Shetland pony

Photo by Fernanda Garza

AOTH: What sets your photography a part from other photographers?

FG: Definitely my black backgrounds and my studio photography. I see them as a way to isolate the viewer from the background’s distractions, and set its attention on the horse, and as the horse is an animal that is known to reflect the person’s emotion. I want the horse in the photograph to “speak” and tell the viewer the emotion that they are feeling when they see the photograph. Or perhaps the macro shots of eyes that I have, as I feel that the horse, empties its soul in one look. I am also known for my neck and braid shots. The comments that I receive about my work are always towards emotion, the emotion that they see, and they always ask me what I see in the photograph. It is perhaps one of the greatest goals in my photography, to be known for transmitting what the horse tells me and what I feel in the photograph.

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