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Photo courtesy of Pixabay
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Several years ago, online bookmakers could have a lot of clients simply by offering different sports, good odds, and many markets. However, the situation now is different because punters who like horse racing and other sports always seek bonuses.

Not all iGaming operators are suitable for betting on horse races because only a few offer enough options. Luckily, professional reviews help clients find what they want because Efirbet offers traditional sports betting in addition to horse racing wagers, and users can learn more about the hottest sites in minutes.

Many things make an iGaming operator suitable for horse racing, and bonuses are one of them. Some companies provide way more perks than others, so let’s learn more about them and see what we can expect to have access to.

No deposit bonus for horse racing

Despite being among the most popular sports in the world, people who want to wager on horse racing will have to use real money. Everyone is looking for a way to wager for free, which is why some of the world’s leading gambling operators started offering a promotion known as a no deposit bonus,

Horse racing fans with access to this perk can get it and wager on something they like without the need to use their balance. If they win, the bookie will require them to make a real transaction and wager the specific amount before withdrawing it.

Cashback bonuses

Even though most online sports bettors are not fans of the cashback bonuses because they are not that good, this is not the case for horse racing. People who like this sport are thrilled when they can bet on something and receive some of the amounts they’ve lost if they do not predict the race. Horse racing may seem easy to predict, but we must remember that it is one of the most complicated sports, so users must be careful.

The cashback amount and the percentage will vary, depending on the online bookmaker. Usually, it starts from around 10% and can reach up to 30%. As for the maximum amount, the top-tier horse racing websites limit it to the amount used to place the bet. Check the horse racing calendar to see when a race may offer this promo.

Free bets

Often confused with no deposit bonuses, free bets are a common way for online bookmakers to reward their clients who like betting on horse racing. One of the main differences between the free bets and no deposit offers is that the first one is only available for a specific race. In other words, you can’t bet on whatever you want.

Other than that, these 2 proposals have standard requirements because clients will have to make a deposit and/or complete a rollover requirement. What’s interesting about the horse racing free bets is that the wagering condition is not as high as the one for football or other popular sports.

Boosted odds for some horses

The last and most common reward that horse racing fans will find once they start betting is related to the boosted odds they can get when wagering on some horses. Usually, this offer is only available when there is a big tournament, but some online bookmakers may also offer it for a random horse racing event.

The boosted odds give people the opportunity to win more money than usual. Of course, they can only do that if they predict their bet, which is why some iGaming fans read a lot of guides for betting on horse racing.

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