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Thoroughbred Horse Racing in Belgium

Thoroughbred horse racing in Belgium is a relatively small but growing industry. There are three main racecourses in Belgium that host thoroughbred races:

  • Hippodrome de Wallonie: This racecourse is located in Mons, Belgium. It is the oldest and largest racecourse in Belgium, and it hosts a variety of thoroughbred races, including flat races, jumps races, and harness races.
  • Hippodrome Wellington: This racecourse is located in Ostend, Belgium. It is known for its summer racing season, which takes place from July to August.
  • Hippodroom Waregem: This racecourse is located in Waregem, Belgium. It is a popular destination for both thoroughbred and harness racing.

Around 600 horses run every year in 180 gallop races in Belgium. 19 days are devoted to them in Mons racetrack and Ostende and Waregem racecourses respectively organise 11 and 1 joint meetings for both flat racers and trotters.

The Belgian Thoroughbred Breeders' Association (BTBA) is the governing body for thoroughbred horse racing in Belgium. The BTBA is responsible for registering thoroughbred horses in Belgium, as well as organizing and promoting thoroughbred races.

Thoroughbred horse racing is a popular spectator sport in Belgium, and it attracts a large number of fans each year. The races are often broadcast on television, and they are also a popular betting sport.

The future of thoroughbred horse racing in Belgium is looking bright. The sport is growing in popularity, and there are a number of new racecourses being built. This suggests that thoroughbred horse racing will continue to be a popular sport in Belgium for many years to come.

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