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The Javelina from The Suburbs of Angels, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The Javelina from The Suburbs of Angels, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Wagering on horse racing events is fun and exciting, especially the upcoming Breeders' Cup starting November 3rd this year. With all the glitz, action, and anticipation horse racing has brought to many people in the country, it’s no wonder why pro and casual bettors are flocking for a big win.

Whether you're a starting or a returning player in the industry, this article is for you. This article covers the essential Do's and Don'ts of horse racing betting in preparation for the upcoming series cup. Read more below to be a competent and responsible bettor today.

The Do's

The following are must-do practices in the Breeders' Cup 2023; check out below and add them to your betting strategy.

Do Research

Information is the critical component to having a successful betting season. With so much news and information made available on the internet, it would be a waste of opportunity not to prepare ahead and take pointers of the updates and rumors of the horse racing world.

Keep tabs and bookmark your preferred betting sites and news for the latest updates on the upcoming cup, especially on current public favorites and rumored participants in each race. You must clearly set your expectations before the cup and anticipate changes on the betting lines.

Simply put, the more you know, the more prizes you can get. That alone should motivate you to study.

Do Vary Your Bets

This means spreading your wagers and discovering several betting games to broaden your skills and knowledge as a bettor. In the sports betting scene, it is essential that you become a competent bettor to be knowledgeable in various betting games that could potentially play in your favor.

In horse racing, you are not just betting on the winning horse, but on various outcomes you can maximize. Besides, online betting websites offer so many games and odds at different outcomes on a race that you can use them to your advantage.

Do Track Your Activities

The ability to adjust between gaming sessions separates a rookie from a professional bettor. Depending on the betting lines or the state of your wagers, you need to adapt to it and make the most profitable action to minimize losses and maximize opportunities. One way to do that is to track your activities.

By keeping a simple activity sheet and diligently recording all your wagers, you can create an invaluable document to study and use to improve your plays over time. This is especially helpful in losing streaks to determine what causes your losses and wins. Which, in turn, helps you turn over that loss.


These are the cardinal sins of sports betting. Under any circumstances, never do these things if you're opting for a fulfilling and profitable betting experience.

Don't Be Trigger Happy

This means betting before thinking. Admittedly, many casual bettors do wager betting lines without thinking twice about the probability, statistics, and odds.

This results in unreliable odds and a significant risk of losses. That said, never bet on a line you are not confident or knowledgeable about, regardless of how low-risk it is; not knowing anything other than betting on it can be seen as a guaranteed loss. To become a competent bettor, the idea is to minimize losses through knowledge and proper decision-making, not randomly betting and hoping for luck.

Don't Bet While Drunk

Similar to drinking while driving, betting while drunk also garners the same dangers, especially if you're dealing with money.

A competent bettor knows how to play with a clear mind and mood. Beer and liquors dull your senses and inhibit your capacity to make rational decisions. That said, most sportsbook stalls in arenas exploit this by offering such drinks on table stands and other foods and improving your experience.

While we don't discourage you from enhancing your betting experience with consumables, consider moderation, especially on liquor. The last thing you want to know is that you've spent too much on betting while drunk and experiencing the consequences while getting sober.

Don't Chase Losses

Perhaps this is one of the most common warnings you'd see everywhere and for a good reason. Many bettors fall into this financial trap of chasing losses.

By definition, chasing losses is repeatedly placing bets to recover their losses, only to fall further until it affects their personal lives. Unfortunately, millions of rookie bettors and gambling addicts fall over this. Many sports betting guides discourage would-be bettors from chasing their losses.

Instead, always take a step back and relax. As a rule of thumb, if you're betting to get back your losses and not earning, that's the time you need to take a long pause or just quit. The worst thing you can do is dry up your savings and be in a financial crisis.

Final Thoughts:

With the upcoming Breeders' Cup approaching, many bettors are eyeing for the best updates and strategies to take a slice in this million-dollar event. Everything starts with research and due diligence in preparing yourself before race day.

The Do's and Don'ts above signify the essential points of being a competent bettor. Take note of this, and surely you can climb from being a casual to a professional bettor in time for the Breeders' Cup 2023!

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