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"Harness Racing at Colonial Downs" (CC BY 2.0) by tvnewsbadge
"Harness Racing at Colonial Downs" (CC BY 2.0) by tvnewsbadge

When we think about betting on anything with four legs, the most obvious choice is horse racing. This was the most popular sport for the betting community and, while it’s recently been overtaken by football, it retains a huge following.

There are many guides available for those interested in getting involved with horse racing markets but did you know that there are other equine disciplines to consider? Here is a rundown of what is available.

The Obvious Choice

Horse racing needs to be quickly mentioned because of that vast following across the world. Sportsbooks will put markets in place for all professional competitions and there are daily options for those that are interested.

All of the regular bets are available including straight winner, each way, forecasts, straight line multiples, formulas and more.

In regards to finding a sports betting provider, there are lots of review sites such as Here, you will find sports betting sites that cover every possible meeting in the horse racing world.

While on the site, readers can also access news and opinion articles on horse racing and lots of other sporting events. If visitors are happy with taking that interest a stage further, it’s also possible to register with a preferred operator. All of the sportsbooks mentioned here are ready to accept new players and many have a welcome promotion to kick things off.

A choice of deposit and withdrawal methods are also online plus effective help options and the potential to live stream top class horse racing. It’s a good starting point for those that are looking to get involved with the equine markets.

Over the Jumps

Of the other horse-related events that take place in the sporting realms, show jumping has a smaller, but no-less loyal following. Not all sports betting sites will publish markets for these events but you can generally find options for the bigger competitions.

The UK is a major hub for betting and for show jumping and there should be some available markets for the Hickstead Derby. On a wider scale, the busiest time for all sportsbooks comes along when the Summer Olympic Games arrive.

This is the pinnacle of a show jumper’s career and the markets intensify at this point. In terms of betting options, there isn’t a great deal to choose from. It’s largely all about the winner and, possibly a top three finish.

All disciplines are covered during the show jumping events so there should be options for dressage and for the jumps themselves.

Trot On

Trotting is an unusual sport with riders and their carriages steering their horses around a race track. It’s a historic discipline and, for many, this is where horse racing truly began.

In the modern day, those riders have been ditched in favour of jockeys and conventional racing but it may be surprising to learn that trotting remains hugely popular in some parts of the world.

North America, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Finland are major hubs for trotting with purpose built tracks across each country. It’s known as harness racing in some of those areas but the concept remains the same.

As for betting coverage, if your chosen sportsbook is serious about horse racing then it’s likely that they will also have an extensive set of trotting markets. If having these options in place is important then it’s easy to check the availability of bets before signing up.

A Virtual World

In the unlikely event that there is no real life equestrian event to follow, it’s always worth checking your sportsbook to discover the possibility of staking on virtual sports. These digital images convey high quality sound and graphics to simulate top classing sporting events in many different disciplines.

The software used in the design ensures that results are completely random so you can bet on the virtual horses knowing that fair play is upheld at all times. All of the regular horse racing options are here including outright winner, each way bets, forecasts and others.

It’s not for everyone but virtual horse racing forms a legitimate part of the many equine events open to the wider betting community.

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