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Photo by the EIE Editorial Staff
Photo by the EIE Editorial Staff

Horses have been our companions for six millennia now. Whether as war comrades, beasts of burden, or family pets, horses have endured as an invaluable member of human society. However, when an animal is as strong and majestic as a horse, it isn’t surprising that some person thought it would be a fun time to race them

Horse racing has been around for centuries, and throughout all that time it has remained incredibly popular. Not only doe races draw in huge crowds of fans, interested to see their favorite horse win, but they also draw in a large amount of betting. In this article, we would like to provide you with a brief guide to horse betting, in case you are curious about the sport.

Where can you bet?

Horse racing enthusiasts have several options for betting in 2023. The first one is obviously a sports shop. Land-based bookies still exist, and if you want to visit one with your friends you will have no problem doing so.

However, much more popular are sports betting websites. There are a ton of excellent websites that cover a wide variety of sports, including horse racing. An excellent source for locating the best website is Betstation, where you can find bookies like Betway that offer excellent services to punters.

There are several benefits to using online sportsbooks. The big one is convenience. You can access these sites using any electronic device, and place a bet whether at home or on the go. Another reason for their popularity are the generous bonuses that they offer, which makes betting easier and a lot more fun.

How do you bet?

There are several different bet types that you can place on horses. The simplest one is a “To Win” bet. As you might assume, a “To Win” bet is simply wagering on a horse to win. Hence the name. “To Win” bets are simple, easy, and fun, which is why they are the most popular.

However, if you want to take betting a step further, you can take a higher risk. An Exacta bet entails wagering on the first two horses to finish the race. However, the catch is that you have to guess the order. In other words, if your top two choices finish in the order that you did not predict, you lose the bet.

Finally, there is the Trifecta. A trifecta bet means that the bettors are wagering on the first three horses to finish a race. Much like an Exacta, the bettor has to guess the exact order, otherwise, their money goes down the drain.

Famous Horse Races

Finally, we are going to give a brief list of the most popular horse races in 2023. Some, you certainly have heard of, and others might be new to you. In either case, if you are new to horse racing, this is where to start.

  • The Kentucky Derby
    The US’ most popular horse race, and the stomping ground of many a famous horse, the Kentucky Derby is famous thanks to the success of athletes like Secretariat, Sea Biscuit, and more.
  • The Grand National
    In the UK, horse racing is a massive cultural phenomenon. Unsurprisingly, the Grand National is one of the world’s most popular horse racing events.

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