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May 19, 2017 – Happy 100th Anniversary to the Woodlawn Vase and its long history as the official trophy of the Preakness Stakes. Of all trophies in American horse racing, no doubt the Vase is the most financially and sentimentally valuable—but also, we suggest, it is the most well-traveled piece of horse racing trophies, anywhere.

The Woodlawn Vase, a magnificent chunk of solid sterling silver (36” tall, 400 ounces) has been the inspiration for Thoroughbred owners and trainers who aim their steeds at the Preakness Stakes every year since 1917. The breathtakingly beautiful piece was designed in 1860 by Tiffany, and was valued for insurance purposes at $1 million in 1860. Currently it is insured for $4 million.

The 100-year history of the piece is fascinating. For instance, in 1862, Captain Moore, owner of Woodlawn Farm in Kentucky, felt the hot winds of war breathing down the neck of his old Kentucky home…and buried the marvelous chunk of solid sterling silver on his property, along with the family silver and jewels. He feared that Confederate soldiers would confiscate the pure silver Vase, and melt it down for ammunition. What happened next? To find out, read the full story by Marion E. Altieri.

Taylor Select Horse Bedding

We are happy to welcome TaylorSelect Horse Bedding as one of our newest Featured Business Listing members. TaylorSelect offers 100% premium pine shavings and pine pellets as well as chopped straw for your horse bedding needs. Their pine shavings come in varying flake sizes: mini, mixed and large flake. With so many products to choose from you are assured to find the right product for you. The raw materials are kiln dried and go through a rigorous screening process to eliminate as much allergens and dust as possible. The equine respiratory system is delicate and the goal is to provide the safest, softest, most absorbent animal bedding possible. All of their products are environmentally and animal friendly.

They pride themselves on being horse bedding experts and have worked for over a decade to develop their product line. Their products are safe, clean & economical – without sacrificing quality. “Select the Best” and choose TaylorSelect Horse Bedding.

TaylorSelect Horse Bedding is located in Rockton, IL. They ship their products by nationwide by the truckload. Smaller quantities can be picked up from their Rockton, IL location. Contact them by phone at (815) 601-3002 or email them at Please see them on our BEDDING & FEED page

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