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April 30, 2017 – Who doesn’t love the dollar store! The dollar store can be a great resource for some of your barn needs in a one stop shop – saving you money and time. Many of these items can be found in other stores, but when you can pick up fake flowers for jumps and baby wipes for cleaning in the same store, why drive all over town? In Barn Hacks: The Dollar Store Edition, Liv Gude of Pro Equine Grooms shares the best things to pick up at your local dollar store including items to organize the barn, products for the vet kit and grooming box…and much more! Discover dollar store finds here:

Tobiano is a striking large white spotted coat pattern. Also called pinto, meaning painted in Spanish, the pattern is very old. In the article Tracking Down the Tobiano Legend, author Patricia Saffran details the genetics responsible for Tobiano patterning and the origins of the these horses.

Tobiano was one of the horse colors to come out of the expansion of coat colors during the Bronze Age in the Eurasian Steppe. Horses had been black or bay/dun, and then at this time, they started to appear in a variety of colors. This period was when some scientists believe that horses were domesticated, or alternatively, it was when horse domestication spread to Europe and Asia. Natural selection is a possible reason for the proliferation of color coats.

The name Tobiano comes from the 1800s in Brazil. The question is how did pintos in Brazil come to be known as Tobiano? Most sources offer cockeyed and incomplete explanations. The genotype for Tobiano (TO) color remained a mystery until it was discovered in 2007. Learn about the discovery of the Tobiano gene here:

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