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Perfect Gift for that Curvy Horse Woman in Your Life; So, Your Spouse Doesn’t Love Horses?

November 30, 2017 – Do you have pain at a posting trot? Are your assets getting in the way when you ride? BOOBUDDY is a new wearable band for women who want additional support, comfort, and confidence when running, cross training or horseback riding. It can be worn across the top of the breasts and either over or under a sports bra. The BOOBUDDY has been developed to reduce vertical and lateral movement, prevent injury, pain, ligament damage and sagging. Benefit from a new level of comfort, performance, and confidence, thanks to this wonderful fitness accessory!

Just in time for the holidays, it’s a perfect gift for that Horse Woman in your life…or YOU!

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So, Your Spouse Doesn't Love Horses? We've all met those couples. The wife is horse crazy and the husband thinks the whole sport is nutty. Or, it is the husband who spends all his free time in the barn and the wife doesn't understand the attraction to smelly animals that slobber on you every chance they get!

The holidays are just around the corner and buying a package of beginner, semi-private lessons (for both of you to do together) is a safe way to get your better half a basic education (from someone other than you).

For more pieces of advice, read the entire article here. It could save your relationship!

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