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April 5, 2022, New York – EIE is thrilled to welcome Scott’s K9 as a Featured Business Listing HERE. We are animal lovers and appreciate the great care and impeccable training they offer to provide a guard dog which can protect your family, property and also serve as a great pet for your children!

Trained family guard dogs are available for purchase from Scott’s K9. Their Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd guard dogs sell quickly after they place them on their website, so please contact them directly make sure that the dog that interests you is still available. They continually import and train new dogs. Most of all, they want to make sure that they match your family with the right dog to fit your specific needs. Their trainers will deliver your dog to your home and coach you through how to command your new family member. Support is always available. They welcome calls and enjoy talking with their past clients about how to get the most out of their dogs.

About Owner Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a veteran of the US Army. He deployed to numerous foreign countries and lived in Europe, where he was able to form a working relationship with the top protection dog kennels. After his service in the Army, Steve pursued a career in Law Enforcement, earning honors as the head trainer of his Police Department’s K9 Unit. Steve’s real-world police K9 experience is what sets Scott’s K9 apart from other protection dog companies. With Steve’s dog training expertise and his access to the top European kennels, his Family Protection Dogs and trained Police Dogs are second to none.

Certified Police K9 Master Trainers

Steve is a Master Trainer and is also a Certifying Official through many Police Agencies. Steve has developed a training method that has been proven both in Iraq and on the streets that is 100% effective. With his real-world experience, he and his team can produce the best K9s in the world for home protection, police departments, and government agencies. Steve personally oversees the training of each and every dog.

Agencies Utilizing Scott’s K9 Trained Dogs

Steve has sold 1000’s of protection and police dogs to families, celebrities, Police K9 Trainers, Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal Agencies, Military Units, and Private Security Companies for Executive Protection and Family Protection. As head importer, Steve personally travels to Europe to test and purchase the dogs he sells. More recently, Scott’s K9 was awarded the contract to supply the entire Iraqi Army with all of their K9s for explosive and narcotics detection.

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