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JL Electrotherapy

June 30, 2019 – Make every day as good as a Magna Wave day! We're pleased to welcome JL ElectroTherapy to our featured business listings on Equine Info Exchange. Specializing in natural healing for people and small or large animals, JL ElectroTherapy serves all areas in Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and all states surrounding Illinois. PEMF therapy is the quickest, most effective route to healing!

Magna Wave Therapy is an effective alternate to medicine because it uses the same magnetic field as the earths to help us feel the best.

FULL BODY Magna Wave treatments for a horse consists of targeting all areas of the body while also working out problematic spots. They start from the neck and move all the way down to the back. They also target problem areas separately to ensure results. A full body treatment can take anywhere form 40 minutes to 1 hour, plus problem areas!

SPOT TREATMENTS are used to provide your horse with a treatment on one problematic area. This session takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes. They target the problem addressed by the owner by ensuring relief in a specific area. This means all points of relief for any singular body part will be taken care of to see the best results possible.

Find JL ElectroTherapy at the top of our THERAPY page here on EIE to book your appointment today! Yes, they treat Dogs and People too! is “The Source for Everything Equine” and we just introduced an online Calendar of Events. If you’re looking for a Horse Show, Certification Course, Expo, Rodeo or Horse Racing Event look no further! We have a comprehensive international list which includes all disciplines.

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