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September 2016 - Overwhelmed with many horses and not enough time? Cash flow issues due to late billing? strives to present revolutionary platforms which leverage technology to benefit equine business owners. Here we introduce you to TLore - an innovative management tool for your equine business.

Tracy Attfield

To minimize moments of anxiety, experienced horsewoman and visionary Tracy Attfield created TLore, organizational software which shares data with employees and owners, powers information on trainers' and owners' websites and enhances communication within the business.

    TLore is an online business solution for training professionals and can help:
  • Organize your stable quickly and efficiently
  • Manage day-to-day operations of your stable
  • Save valuable time and yet maintain a high level of communication
  • Manage billing and invoicing, record and document training, health records and more

Learn more about Tracy and how TLore can help your business: Read more about TLore.

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We welcome Finishline Fencing to the EIE Featured Listings community. Finishline Fencing is a Safe, Affordable, and Maintenance-Free Alternative Fence. Check out their great testimonials, including this one from Rocking LT Show Horses. “So thankful we chose to use Finishline Fencing at our place. We had a mare get caught in the fence last week. With the fence wrapped around her leg twice! How she managed to do that, is unknown, but If it had been wire we would have had to put her down. Luckily we went with Finishline Fencing and are only dealing with some roughed up hair and minimal swelling. So thankful!”

Please learn more about Finishline Fencing and our other terrific fencing suppliers in our Fencing section: Read more about Finishline Fencing here.

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