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July 2016 - Want to have some safe, summer fun? As more and more of our forested areas and parks are being shared by bikers, hikers and horses, it is more important than ever that all horsemen understand the rules of the road.

In her article "Seven Summertime Tips for Fun on the Trails" on, Bonnie Marlewski-Probert provides excellent safety advice which will make your next trail ride safer and more fun for everyone. See Bonnie's tips here!

Do you have any safety tips or interesting trail riding stories with photos that you would like to share with visitors? We'd love to hear about them! Send us your stories to We will do our best to share as many as possible with our EIE community!

We love dressage, but admittedly we've all fumbled with a half-halt from time to time or created a mis-shapen mount due to our confusing aids. The aids for riding, as simple as they can seem at their most basic, are a complex language that requires an acquired fluency as our riding goals graduate from simple transitions to lateral movements and beyond.

In her best- selling book "When Two Spines Align: Dressage Dynamics", trainer and long-time technical editor for Dressage Today magazine Beth Baumert demystifies the use of aids to help ensure clear communication between horse and rider. Read the full, insightful article on EIE where Beth shares decades of experience interviewing and writing about the very best riders and trainers in the world.

We welcome Cameo Fencing to the EIE Featured Listings community. "CAMEO" Fencing has for over 30 years provided safe, affordable, durable & easy to install horse fencing. They stand ready to serve your needs with advice, support and quality. Please learn more about “CAMEO” and our other terrific fencing suppliers in our Fencing section.

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Our Mission — Serving the professional horse person, amateur owners, occasional enthusiasts and sporting interests alike, the goal is to serve all disciplines – which often act independently yet have common needs and values.

Equine Info Exchange is totally comprehensive, supplying visitors with a world wide view and repository of information for every aspect related to horses. EIE provides the ability to search breeds, riding disciplines, horse sports, health, vacations, art, lifestyles…and so much more.

EIE strives to achieve as a source for content and education, as well as a transparent venue to share thoughts, ideas, and solutions. This responsibility also includes horse welfare, rescue and retirement, addressing the needs and concerns of all horse lovers around the world. We are proud to be a woman-owned business.