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We're proud of the influence we've earned, and the evidence that we are accomplishing our mission: our goal is to serve all disciplines, the horses and humans who make them happen. (Serving the professional horse person, amateur owners, occasional enthusiasts and sporting interests alike is both our business and our delight.)

Most of these entities act independently the majority of the time—and yet, they all have common needs and values. EIE strives to serve all these breeds and disciplines as the #1 source for content and education—as well as act as a transparent venue for the sharing of thoughts, ideas and solutions. This responsibility includes horse welfare, rescue and retirement and addressing the needs and concerns of all horse lovers around the world.

EIE has been invited to participate on a media panel at the prestigious American Equestrian Trade Association (AETA) International Trade Show in Pennsylvania this weekend! Like a mini “Shark Tank," the AETA Media Pitch provides business with opportunities for manufacturers who have new and innovative products they’d like to introduce to leaders in equine media. We look forward to learning about the latest and greatest products serving the equine market. We will let our readers know what we see! More information about AETA is available here:

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The scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms provide a deep thorough clean and are the best de-shedders on the market today. Another added benefit is your animals hair does not stick to the HandsOn Glove; just a simple flick of the wrist and the hair instantly releases so you can go right back to caring for your animal.

The textured surface and flexibility of our gloves allow you to better massage and improve circulation, while distributing natural oils and promoting a healthy skin and coat.

Make sure to stay away from DANGEROUSLY sharp knockoffs. Cheaper is not better – or safer. Always choose the best for your pet or your horse, HandsOn Gloves.

Find them at the top of our GROOMING page.

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Our Mission — Serving the professional horse person, amateur owners, occasional enthusiasts and sporting interests alike, the goal is to serve all disciplines – which often act independently yet have common needs and values.

Equine Info Exchange is totally comprehensive, supplying visitors with a world wide view and repository of information for every aspect related to horses. EIE provides the ability to search breeds, riding disciplines, horse sports, health, vacations, art, lifestyles…and so much more.

EIE strives to achieve as a source for content and education, as well as a transparent venue to share thoughts, ideas, and solutions. This responsibility also includes horse welfare, rescue and retirement, addressing the needs and concerns of all horse lovers around the world. We are proud to be a woman-owned business.