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March 31, 2017 – The most spectacular scenes in the live-action remake of Disney's Beauty and the Beast feature stunning horses and a variety of carriages. There are many breeds and crossbreds represented and each horse is turned out to perfection. Emma Waton as the heroine, Belle, rides the svelte white Philippe, and Luke Evans as the villain, Gaston, rides the black Magnifique.

Philippe, Magnifique and the other horses in the movie come from Steve Dent, based outside of London in Buckinghamshire. Mr. Dent is one of the main sources of horses, carriages, armor and stunt riders to the film and TV industry. Steve Dent’s carriage supervisor for the movie, Haydn Webb, gives an exclusive interview to Equine Info Exchange and one of our favorite authors, Patricia Saffran.

Did you know that Spanish horses are easy for the actors to ride because they learn their roles quickly? The Fresians add pure drama! Haydn gives an interesting account of matching the horse breeds with different actors to match their characters. English, Irish and Hungarian horses are used for the carriages. Read the full story here...

Gorgeous Horses Dazzle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! In our film review, author Patricia Saffran includes the history of horses in Europe and Asia as well as revealing the equestrian skills of leading actors Emma Watson and Luke Evans. EIE thanks Disney for offering some exclusive photographs to include in our review.

Get over the Winter blues with a festive charity event. My Lady’s Manor Steeplechase is April 15 and benefits the Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, MD. The gardens are spectacular, founded in 1929, and feature living sculptures of horse in the hunt and other interesting scenes. See the lovely gardens and learn more about this event.

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