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April 30, 2018 – This was a busy week for EIE! We attended the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, The Longines Masters, and Churchill Downs to see the Kentucky Derby and Oaks horses train in preparation for the first Friday and Saturday in May!

The Longines Masters, presented by EEM, was an exciting event which combined the sophistication of New York’s elite with the adrenaline rush of beating the clock. Throughout the year, the Masters are held in three iconic cities: Paris, Hong Kong, and now New York to showcase the best of international showjumping. This weekend was the grand finale in the “Grand Slam of International Showjumping” with total prize earnings up to 4,500,000€ over the course of the series. In an exciting finish, the European team claimed victory over the team from the United States.

At the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, the rain from earlier in the week cleared in time for a perfect four days of showing, demonstrations…and of course shopping from a variety of amazing vendors! We witnessed world class riders with their brave equine partners as they cleared and splashed through obstacles in Cross Country, performed Dressage with precision, and carefully cleared fences in Show Jumping. Ultimately, in a nail-biting finish filled with gasps and thrills, Oliver Townend of Great Britain did the seemingly impossible: he beat Germany’s Michael Jung at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. Read more here:

It's a long road to prepare for the most exciting two minutes in sports. EIE was at the rail this week to see the Kentucky Derby and Oaks horses train during unseasonably chilly mornings at Churchill Downs. All horses looked fresh and fit! Most horses were currently on the grounds with the notable exception of Mendelssohn who is en route from Dubai. A $3,000,000 yearling purchase, Mendelssohn has already won the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf (G1) and most recently ran impressively winning the UAE Derby (G2) on the dirt by 18 lengths. He is the half brother to champion mare Beholder and one of the Derby favorites.

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Equilume Performance Lighting

We are happy to welcome Equilume Performance Lighting as one of our newest FEATURED BUSINESS LISTING members!

Equilume Performance Lighting is a unique system that comprises fully automated smart stable lights and mobile light masks designed to maximize health, performance and breeding efficiency. Developed by their R&D department, led by Dr Barbara Murphy, head of Equine Science at University College Dublin, this revolutionary system harnesses all the benefits of natural daylight for the stabled horse and permits continued exposure to optimum lighting when traveling or at pasture.

Horses need light for more than just vision. Daylight synchronizes their “internal clock’- a complex control system that coordinates all bodily functions to a 24-hour (circadian) or 365 day (circannual) rhythm. The regular transition from bright daylight to darkness at night ensures that the body clock works at its best, allowing enhanced performance, alertness and appetite by day, and rest and regeneration at night.

The Equilume Light Mask is an individual headpiece for horses that provides timed, low level blue light to a single eye, permitting outdoor maintenance of horses in their natural environment and avoiding the high costs associated with nightly stabling. Having successfully launched the Equilume Light Mask in 2013, the blue lights are now seen on thoroughbred, sport and show horses in every equine hub across the world. Using the Light Mask means that your horse can get the optimum light it needs for a slick coat, or to get your mare cycling, whether you keep them indoors, outdoors or while away at competition.

The Equilume Stable Light provides the horse with biologically effective light in a system that replicates the benefits of nature’s environmental lighting indoors. Modern Management of horses requires that they spend a large proportion of the 24-h day indoors, unexposed to optimum daylight and frequently disrupted by light at night. This regime negatively impacts the horse’s body clock and can result in impaired growth, reduced immune response and poor appetite and performance. The Equilume Stable Light counteracts these problems by providing blue-enriched light by day, gradual transitions at dawn and dusk and red light at night. The Equilume Stable Light allows competition horses to benefit from a lengthened summer, extending the period of peak performance associated with summer vigor. For breeding stock, the light can be programmed to increase day length at specific times of the year to advance fertility.

Find Equilume Performance Lighting on our website in these sections: Equipment, Therapeutic Products and Breeding.

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