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From This Mustang Life - Jamie Baldanza - I’ve decided to use my voice and skills to help bring awareness to America’s Wild Horses & Burros. Being from New Jersey, an area of the United States with very little experience or positive exposure to America’s wild horses, I realized that they ARE desperately in need of more engaging and constructive publicity. In the face of their ongoing battles to stay on the range and for those 45,000 captured wild horses who are in need of adoptive homes, my goal with the docu-series "Taking Back The West" is to heighten America’s awareness through beauty, truth, and in-film documentation. I hope to help save our iconic western heritage, and collaboratively find solutions that will work for all special interest groups involved in our public lands.

Wrapped in adventure and beauty, with a dose of reality, the docu-series "Taking Back The West" will explore what makes these animals national treasures.

Our Mission — Serving the professional horse person, amateur owners, occasional enthusiasts and sporting interests alike, the goal is to serve all disciplines – which often act independently yet have common needs and values.

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EIE strives to achieve as a source for content and education, as well as a transparent venue to share thoughts, ideas, and solutions. This responsibility also includes horse welfare, rescue and retirement, addressing the needs and concerns of all horse lovers around the world. We are proud to be a woman-owned business.