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American Quarter Horse Association
Photo Credit: The American Quarter Horse Journal

If you have ever seen a horse in one of rodeo’s timed events, enjoyed a leisurely trail ride, watched a Western on the big or small screen or have just seen a group of horses grazing in a pasture, nine times out of 10, you have seen an American Quarter Horse.

These heavily muscled, compact horses were called Celebrated American Quarter Running Horses by English colonists in the 1600s because the horses could run a short distance over a straightaway faster than any other horse. Known for outrunning any horse at the quarter mile, the American Quarter Horse gained popularity. The quarter mile is still the most popular distance for racing American Quarter Horses, and the best blaze the 440 yards in 21 seconds or less.

Whether working cattle on a ranch, taking their owners for a trail ride on a Sunday afternoon or competing in a variety of disciplines, American Quarter Horses are known for their versatility and good temperament. The American Quarter Horse succeeds maneuvers required in reining, working cow horse, barrel racing, cutting, roping and other western events. The American Quarter Horse also excels in English disciplines, including dressage, driving and jumping.


The American Quarter Horse established a bold reputation as the greatest cattle roundup and trail driving horse in history and would never be forgotten by early American racing enthusiasts. To ensure the unique qualities of this breed did not perish, a group of American Quarter Horse enthusiasts met in 1940 in Ft. Worth, Texas, to establish what was to become the largest equine breed registry in the world, with nearly million American Quarter Horses registered.

The AQHA is not just a breed registry; it’s an organization that connects people with American Quarter Horses so they can build a lifestyle around their horses. Everyone’s American Quarter Horse lifestyle is different because of the activities or disciplines in which they participate with their horse. Those lifestyles and the diverse abilities of the American Quarter Horse are celebrated around the world. Today, there are more than 260,000 AQHA members.

Here's what people are saying about the American Quarter Horse!

"I love the American Quarter Horse. As a proud former owner of one, to me, there is not better horse on earth." - Janet Ricroft

"AQHA Proud. Great association, excellent staff with a high standard of promoting and preserving the American Quarter Horse." - Kristi Stallings

"I'm proud to show an AQHA horse love the breed and love to win!!!!!! #AQHAproud" - Reyna Taylor

"My father was life long member. Now I've got horse there is no other breed that compares in athletic ability willingness to learn and durability." - Vasquez Javi

"The AQHA has been instrumental in shaping my life, my daughter's life and now my 8 year old grand daughter is riding and showing AQHA horses. We are #AQHAproud" - Cece Campbell

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