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Dr. Dorothee Bienzle is a researcher at the Ontario Veterinary College who has been researching heaves in horses. Not long after the 2019 Havemeyer Workshop on Equine Asthma, Dr. Bienzle contributed to a quite large collaborative research paper on the current understanding and future directions of Equine Asthma research.

She explains by answering the following questions:
00:35 How important are opportunities like this one to advancing the studies on Equine Asthma?
01:20 Has your research benefitted from attending the Havemeyer event?
02:24 Briefly describe your research project.
04:47 What role does next generation sequencing play in your research?
06:49 Can you explain the connection between certain altered protein expressions and horses with heaves?
08:31 Are there predictors of equine asthma?
09:06 Can you take us through the scoping procedure?
10:11 More indicators of heaves.
11:38 Practical applications and treatment.
13:23 The future of Equine Asthma research.


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