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The Ultimate Guide for Horses in Need: Care, Training, and Rehabilitation for Rescues, Adoptions, and Horses in Transition

Today, more and more individuals are choosing to give an unwanted horse a second chance. Whether through purchase, adoption, or rescue, the horse in the “wrong” situation has a chance to find his way to the “right one.” Dr. Stacie Boswell’s goal is to restore health and comfort to every horse in transition, and to help him learn how to function as the horse he is expected to be. In her new book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR HORSES IN NEED she has compiled hundreds of case studies highlighting the areas of concern in the rescue and details proactive methods of handling common medical problems and health issues, from nutrition and dentistry to deworming and hoofcare to traumatic injury and emergency rescue scenarios.

“Dr. Stacie Boswell has created a book that is packed with extremely valuable information for not only equine rescues, but a book that horse owners in general can also glean a lot from. She takes a pragmatic and all-inclusive approach to explaining the good, the bad, and the ugly involved when it comes to operating an equine rescue successfully. The Ultimate Guide for Horses in Need is a must-have book for both current rescues and those thinking of taking the leap into horse rescue—the importance of knowledge in this field cannot be underestimated if you want to run a truly successful rescue operation, and Dr. Boswell provides a solid foundation of that knowledge.” —Ashley Harkins, Director, United Horse Coalition

Stride Control: Exercises to Improve Rideability, Adjustability and Performance

Stride control (striding) is an essential part of any rider’s development when jumping obstacles, and jumping them well, is a goal. Understanding and implementing stride control (being able to adjust the number of strides before and between fences) improves a horse’s rideability and allows the rider to further improve the horse’s technique over an obstacle. Jen Marsden Hamilton has coached countless riders and horses around the world in the striding techniques that brought her success during her own impressive competitive career, and has now compiled her knowledge in STRIDE CONTROL a concise book of exercises and insightful strategies. This fun, approachable guide will help all riders train with correctness and form good habits at home so they can be stars at their next jumping or eventing competition.

"In this book, you will find insights, tips, skills, and exercises that will help you in your quest for jumping success. It is written with Jen’s trademark clarity, style, and focus on the techniques and details, which I have found to be so crucial to my career in equestrian sport.” —Clarke Johnstone, New Zealand Team Gold Medal, World Equestrian Festival (Aachen) 2018; Winner, Adelaide CCI4* 2017; Winner, FEI World Cup Eventing Series 2011; Team Bronze Medal World Equestrian Games (Kentucky) 2010

176 pp | 147 color photos & illustrations

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