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October 2016 - Trakehner horses are the oldest of warmblood breeds, with a studbook dating to 1732. They have been systematically "engineered" for performance--first as cavalry mounts in East Prussia, later as the refined sport horses that have gained the Trakehner breed its international acclaim.

Equine Info Exchange Trakehner Horse

Almost 300 years later, strict selection and performance continue to be the hallmarks for today’s Trakehner. The smallest in number of other warmblood breeds, Trakehners are used as refiners for other breeds, resulting in a much higher Trakehner presence than is evident in registrations. For example, Blue Hors Matine, winner of the individual Silver and Bronze medals in dressage at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, was sired by Trakehner stallion Silvermoon but registered as Danish Warmblood. Similarly, KWPN-registered Totilas, holder of three Gold medals in dressage from the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, was sired by Trakehner stallion Gribaldi out of a Dutch Warmblood mare.

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Hyndsight - Monitoring System

We welcome Hyndsight - Monitoring System to the EIE Featured Listings community. Hyndsight is the world's most versatile 2.4 GHz wire-free camera + monitor system, providing clear vision wherever you go and peace of mind no matter where you are - and no matter where your horse is:

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On the road – Visualize everything that’s happening in the trailer with our horse trailer camera system and transport your horses with greater peace of mind.
In pasture – Watch horses while they’re outside to observe their behavior and prevent theft.

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