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January 2016 - welcomes Jane Derow, as our new Account Director. With over 20 years' experience in marketing and advertising. Jane has worked extensively with clients in all segments of the equestrian industry helping them to maximize their marketing efforts. A lifelong horse owner and rider, Jane is passionate about combining her love of horses with her love of marketing to help equestrian businesses enjoy growth in 2016. Reach out to her at

EIE Brings Awareness to ReRun, Inc., with a Moneigh Fund Raiser! A “Moneigh” is an abstract, water color painting created by a horse. The horses have fun painting with their chins, muzzles and whiskers using non-toxic, children's water color paint. Each horse autographs their painting with his hoof print and lock of their mane is tied in a bow and attached to each painting. They are also autographed by the jockey and trainer. The word “Moneigh” is derived from the name of the famous artist (Monet) and the sound a horse makes (neigh).

ReRun, Inc. is a Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredited organization and also works in conjunction with After the Finish Line to raise funds to help OTTBs. ReRun has many wonderful horses ready for new homes as show prospects or for pleasure riding. Support them directly or by purchasing Moneigh artwork! Read more...

Learn about Ranch Horse Western Dressage! Ranch horse competitions have been exploding in popularity, and in an effort to help more riders develop the partnership these events require, North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is pleased to introduce Ranch Horse Western Dressage. This exciting new program celebrates the athletic abilities of the working ranch horse while demonstrating the benefits that can be gleaned from Western dressage training. Read more...

Offering a Scholarship or do you know someone who needs one? EIE supports Education and provides a special section on our website where Scholarship & Grant information is included. Let us know if you're offering educational funding and we will gladly include the information! Email us at

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We appreciate how EIE's audience is growing exponentially each month! This month alone, we are closing in on 200,000 page views. Our social network community is EXPLODING! We want to thank our more than 28,000 Twitter followers and over 9,600 folks who like us on Facebook for their support and contribution to the growth of EIE.

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Our Mission — Serving the professional horse person, amateur owners, occasional enthusiasts and sporting interests alike, the goal is to serve all disciplines – which often act independently yet have common needs and values.

Equine Info Exchange is totally comprehensive, supplying visitors with a world wide view and repository of information for every aspect related to horses. EIE provides the ability to search breeds, riding disciplines, horse sports, health, vacations, art, lifestyles…and so much more.

EIE strives to achieve as a source for content and education, as well as a transparent venue to share thoughts, ideas, and solutions. This responsibility also includes horse welfare, rescue and retirement, addressing the needs and concerns of all horse lovers around the world.