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Equine Info Exchange welcomes 2R Mules and Wyoming Saddlery as two of our newest FEATURED BUSINESS LISTING members!

Do you love mules? So does 2R Mules. They make it clear in their mission statement: "Our heart's mission is to sell you quality products for mules for a reasonable price. We believe that when you are with your animals, you can let all the stress and pressures of your life be turned into a joyful experience." When company founders Roger and Rhonda Adams began trail riding with mules, they realized no tack existed for mules, so they founded 2RMules. They worked with a local man to produce a line of tack just for their mule needs.

As they grew, several customers wanted saddles that fit a mule, so they reached out to Bill and Bev of Wyoming Custom-Built Saddles, in their quest to find the best fit possible for horses and mules who traditionally were hard to fit. A few years after beginning work together, Bill and Bev retired, and sold Wyoming Saddlery to Roger and Rhonda in January, 2015.

Now they offer the best fit possible for hard-to-fit mules, horses and donkeys. Their line includes everything from mule pack equipment and saddlebags of all shapes and sizes, to meet your mule riding needs. All their products are made in the USA.

Roger and Rhonda generously have offered a Dotted Single-Ear Headstall from 2R Mules for FREE GIFT FRIDAY. Take your chance to win: Click here to sign up now.

Find them at the top of our ENGLISH & WESTERN TACK page.

Read more about their life together, and their journey in this article on EIE: A Team, Riding Out Life's Storms: 2RMules and Wyoming Saddlery.

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