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August 31, 2017 - An extraordinary new book has just been published: "All the King’s Horses: The Equestrian Life of Elvis Presley" by award-winning filmmaker and actress, Victoria Racimo and equestrian expert, Kimberly Gatto.

This is the first-ever book dedicated to Elvis’s equestrian side. Racimo and Gatto share rare stories, interviews, and photographs that dig deep into that side of Elvis few saw and show you how “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”.

Acclaimed actress, Christine Baranski calls the book, “A wonderful account of how Elvis Presley, living under the mega wattage of his super stardom, found his ultimate solace and deepest center in the company of his horses. A testament to the healing power of these majestic, noble animals. His relationship with Rising Sun, his beloved Palomino, reads like a love affair. A marvelous book!”

While humans came and went, horses were a constant in Elvis’s life. Elvis cherished any time he could retreat to his stables at Graceland or his barn at the Circle G ranch in Mississippi. He loved living at the Circle G, finding peace and solace, riding his horses, and being close to Mother Nature. "This place brings me back to the basics..." Elvis said. "I'm talkin' about hanging on to your soul."

Author Racimo says "I was amazed and thrilled to discover how much Elvis loved horses and in turn how much love and joy his horses brought him, especially when he needed peace and quietude from the mega pressures of his show biz life.”

Read EIE’s review by Marion E. Altieri on this amazing book here:

View a trailer for All the King’s Horses: The Equestrian Life of Elvis Presley here:

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