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Monty Roberts - Special Training
Monday, July 10, 2023 - Friday, July 14, 2023

Monty’s Special Training
Come witness what created a re-direction in horsemanship and open your mind to a whole new perspective on your horse’s methods of communication and behavior.

Monty’s Special Training is a unique opportunity to be at Flag Is Up Farms with Monty, watching, asking questions and learning as Monty Roberts and a team of his Certified Instructors work with a range of young and remedial horses.

By observing this renowned and gifted horseman, you gain first-hand knowledge during demonstrations, lectures and discussions. This class is for the novice, as well as the advanced student, to observe a master at work practicing his discoveries that have changed the horse world internationally.

Experience what hundreds of students have discovered at Monty Roberts International Learning Center; a wonderful learning environment where you will enjoy the staff, meet new friends and return home with a better understanding of your equine companion. Every horse enthusiast can find lessons to fit their interests.

Monty Roberts shares how to communicate with horses in their natural language in various situations during this intensive five-day class.

This exclusive format helps you better understand problem solving using Monty’s violence-free training methods. Depending on the horses brought in to train that week, these issues may be a part of the course:

Leadership issues

Ground manners

Teaching a horse to tie

Crossing water (and/or obstacles)

Fitting a bridle on a difficult horse

Trailer loading




Standing for the farrier

Kicking and biting

Starting a young horse

And more …

Spend time with like-minded people absorbing what non-violent communication can be. Enjoy the included lunch daily and share lively discussions with Monty Roberts and students from around the world as each day is full with learning.
Flag Is Up Farms
901 E Highway 246
(805) 688-6288

(805) 688-6288

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